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Canon EOS 6D Digital Field Guide



Canon EOS 6D Digital Field Guide

Michael Corsentino

ISBN: 978-1-118-71852-0 May 2013 320 Pages

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The Canon EOS 6D is Canon's smallest and lightest full-frame DSLR camera to date and boasts an extensive feature set. This full-color, portable guide goes beyond the owner's manual to deliver clear, succinct descriptions of how these features and functions work and explains how they affect the resulting photos. With the expert advice and clear instructions, the Canon EOS 6D Digital Field Guide makes this sophisticated camera accessible to even first-time DSLR users 

  • Helps you to consistently achieve professional-level photography using the Canon EOS 6D
  • Walks you through the essential controls, features, and functions using step-by-step instructions and providing full-color images of each menu screen
  • Shows you how to get the exact shots you want, when you want them, and is packed with beautiful color photos
  • Shoot in Live View, choose the best settings for movie-making, and learn how to share your images and video online via the built-in Wi-Fi
  • Includes step-by-step techniques and professional tips on taking exceptional photos with your Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D Digital Field Guide is packed with so much helpful advice for getting the most out of your Canon EOS 6D, you'll find yourself referencing it again and again

Key Canon EOS 6D Controls 2

The Canon EOS 6D Menu System 5

Setting the date and time 6

Setting the image quality 7

Choosing a Shooting Mode 8

Getting Sharp Focus 9

Putting it All Together 10

CHAPTER 1 A Map of the Canon EOS 6D 15

The Controls on the Canon EOS 6D 16

The front of the camera 17

The top of the camera 19

The back of the camera 22

The side of the camera 26

Lens Controls 27

The Viewfi nder Display 30

The Camera Menus 31

CHAPTER 2 Camera Setup and Image Playback 39

Setting Image Quality and Processing RAW Images In-Camera 40

JPEG format 40

RAW capture 43


Processing RAW images in-camera 47

Improving Image Quality 50

Reducing digital noise in-camera 50

Correcting vignetting and color fringing 52

Working with Folders and Files 54

Creating and selecting folders 54

Setting and changing file numbering 56

Continuous 56

Auto reset 57

Manual reset 57

Changing Setup Options 58

Changing general setup options 58

Changing playback options 65

Magnifying images 66

Using Quick Control to adjust image playback 67

Searching for images and movies 68

Erasing and Protecting Images and Movies 68

Erasing images and movies 69

Protecting images and movies 69

CHAPTER 3 Working with Exposure 71

Setting Exposure Objectives 72

Defining exposure goals 72

Practical exposure considerations 72

Choosing an Exposure Mode 75

Basic Zone exposure modes 76

Scene Intelligent Auto mode 77

Creative Auto mode 78

Special Scene mode 81

Portrait mode 81

Landscape mode 82

Close-up mode 83

Sports mode 83

Night Portrait mode 84

Handheld Night Scene 84

HDR Backlight Control 85

Creative Zone exposure modes 85

Program AE mode 86

Shutter-priority AE mode 87

Aperture-priority AE mode 90

Manual mode 92

Bulb mode 94

Custom modes 94

Setting the ISO Sensitivity 95

Metering Light and Adjusting Exposures 99

Using metering modes 101

Evaluating exposures 103

Brightness histogram 103

RGB histogram 104

Modifying and bracketing exposures 106

Highlight Tone Priority 107

Safety shift 108

Auto Exposure Lock 108

Exposure compensation 109

Auto Exposure Bracketing 111

Creative Exposure Techniques 113

Making multiple-exposure images 113

Setting up for Multiple exposure mode shooting 114

Shooting in Multiple exposure mode 116

Shooting High Dynamic Range images 118

Selecting a Drive Mode 120

CHAPTER 4 Getting Sharp Focus 123

Understanding the Autofocus System 124

Cross-type sensors 124

High- and standard-precision sensors 124

Setting Up and Using Autofocus 126

Choosing an autofocus mode and point 126

Focusing on action 130

CHAPTER 5 Getting Great Color 133

Working with Color 134

Choosing a Color Space 134

Comparing color spaces 135

Setting the color space 137

Setting the White Balance 138

Setting a Custom white balance 140

Setting a specific color temperature 143

Fine-tuning white balance 145

Using White Balance Auto Bracketing 145

Using White Balance Correction 146

Working with Picture Styles 147

Choosing and customizing Picture Styles 148

Registering a new Picture Style 153

Using the Picture Style Editor 154

CHAPTER 6 Customizing the Canon EOS 6D 157

Custom Function Groups 158

Custom Function Menus 159

CFn I: Exposure 160

Exposure level increments 160

ISO speed setting increments 160

Bracketing auto cancel 161

Bracketing sequence 161

Number of bracketed shots 162

Safety shift 163

CFn II: Autofocus/Drive 164

AI Servo Tracking sensitivity 164

Accel/desel Tracking 165

AI Servo 1st image priority 165

AI Servo 2nd image priority 166

AF-assist beam firing 166

Lens drive when AF impossible 167

Orientation linked AF point 167

Superimposed display 168

AF Microadjustment 168

CFn III: Operation/Others 172

Dial direction during Tv/Av 172

Focusing Screen 173

Multi function lock 173

Warnings in viewfinder 174

Custom Controls 175

Setting Custom Functions 178

Registering Custom Modes 179

Customizing My Menu 181

CHAPTER 7 Using the Live View Shooting Mode 185

About Live View Mode 186

Live View Mode Features and Functions 187

Focus options 188

Aspect ratio 190

Exposure simulation 191

Silent shooting modes 192

Metering timer 193

Using a flash 193

Working with Live View Mode 194

Setting up to shoot 194

Using the Quick Control button 196

Using metering modes 196

Shooting in Live View mode 196

CHAPTER 8 Recording and Watching Movies 201

About Movies 202

Video standards 202

Video on the 6D 203

Preparing to Record 207

Choosing the resolution and exposure mode 207

The Movie menu settings 209

Movie shooting menu 1 209

Movie shooting menu 2 210

Focusing options 217

Setting the ideal shutter speed 218

Color, audio, and lighting settings 219

Recording a Movie 220

Starting the recording 220

Tips for recording better movies 223

Playing Back Movies on the Camera 224

CHAPTER 9 Working with Flash 225

Deciding Whether to Use Flash 226

Calculating Flash Exposure 226

Using E-TTL II Technology 228

Using Off-camera Flashes 230

Radio versus optical Speedlite systems 230

Multicamera remote shooting 233

Working with Canon Speedlites 233

Setting flash options 234

Flash function settings 236

Flash exposure compensation 239

Flash exposure bracketing 241

Flash Exposure Lock 241

Setting Up Wireless Flashes 243

Using a one-light setup 243

Using multiple Speedlites 245

CHAPTER 10 Using the Canon EOS 6D Wireless Features 251

Wi-Fi Capabilities 252

Wi-Fi settings 252

Sharing images and video on the web 266

The Canon EOS Remote App 270

GPS Features and Functions 274

GPS settings 275

Image geotagging 278

The Canon Map Utility 278

APPENDIX A How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker 279

The Gray Card 279

The Color Checker 280

Glossary 281

Index 291