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Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D Digital Field Guide



Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D Digital Field Guide

Rosh Sillars

ISBN: 978-1-118-23966-7 October 2012 288 Pages

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Master every detail of this exciting new touchscreen dSLR

Canon's new introductory-level dSLR camera boasts some revolutionary features that will be new even to Canon veterans. This convenient guide effectively explains every button, menu, mode, and function of the Rebel T4i/650D, and it fits in your camera bag so you can easily refresh your memory during a shoot. With step-by-step descriptions of every action and feature plus color images of every control, this little book will have you taking charge of your camera in no time.

Learn to use the touchscreen menus, new silent autofocus feature, and extended ISO range. You'll also get suggestions for improving your shots in specific situations. There's even a free gray and color checker card to help you achieve perfect color and white balance every time.

  • The Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D offers a touchscreen, silent autofocus mode for better quality video shooting, and a broader ISO range for improved photo quality in low-light conditions
  • This handy guide clearly explains every feature, mode, dial, function, and menu, illustrating the instructions with plenty of full-color images
  • Explains how and when to use various features and provides great advice on a number of common shooting situations
  • Convenient 6x9-inch trim size makes it easy to take the book along for reference, and the bonus gray and color checker card inside helps assure you of accurate color

Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D Digital Field Guide is the perfect partner to help you get the most from your exciting new Canon dSLR.

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction xx

Quick Tour 1

Getting Started  2

Camera Controls  3

The top of the camera  4

The back of the camera  5

Choosing Image Quality   6

Selecting a Focus Mode   6

Using a Flash    7

Reviewing Images or Video  8

Taking Better Photos      8

CHAPTER 1 Exploring the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D 11

The Top of the Camera   12

The Bottom of the Camera               14

The Front of the Camera  14

The Back of the Camera  16

The Sides of the Camera  20

Lens Controls  21

The Viewfinder Display   22

The LCD Touch Screen and Live

View Mode  25

CHAPTER 2 Setting Up the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D 29

The Shooting Menus     30

Shooting menu 1     30

Settings and corrective functions     30

Flash control       31

Shooting menu 2     33

Shooting menu 3     34

The Live View Shooting Menu            35

The Movie Shooting Menus              36

Movie shooting menu 1               36

Movie shooting menu 2               37

The Playback Menus     38

Playback menu 1      38

Playback menu 2      39

The Setup Menus       40

Setup menu 1        40

Setup menu 2        41

Setup menu 3        42

Setup menu 4        43

My Menu Settings       44

CHAPTER 3 Choosing the Right Settings for Your Camera 45

The Basic Zone Modes   46

The Creative Zone Modes  50

Focus Modes   52

Picture Styles   56

Drive Modes   59

White Balance Settings   60

Flash Modes   64

ISO Settings   68

Choosing File Quality and Format          69

Image size and file numbering          70

The RAW file format   71

The JPEG file format   71

Movie Modes  72

Exposing for video    72

Setting the file size and focus           73

CHAPTER 4 Using Lenses with the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D 77

Choosing a Good Lens   78

Focal lengths  80

Autofocus   82

Aperture and depth of field             82

Image Stabilization    84

Vignetting   84

Types of Lenses        85

Prime versus Zoom Lenses               89

Understanding prime lenses            89

Understanding zoom lenses            89

Specialty Lenses        90

CHAPTER 5 Exploring Exposure and Composition 95

Choosing the Right Exposure             96

Setting the shutter speed              99

When to use fast shutter speeds     99

When to use slow shutter speeds    100

Night photography and painting with light              104

Setting the aperture  107

Setting the ISO      108

Using Exposure Compensation           110

High Dynamic Range Photography        111

Exposing for Video      113

Composition  113

Rule of Thirds       115

Fill the frame        116

Lines and shapes    116

Foreground and background      118

Keeping it simple    118

CHAPTER 6 Working with Lighting and Flash 121

The Importance of Light and Shadow      122

The Direction of Light   123

Frontlighting        123

Overhead lighting    124

Sidelighting  124

Backlighting        126

The Quality of Light     127

Hard lighting        128

Soft lighting  129

Types of Lighting       130

Natural light  130

Continuous light     132

Flash     132

Shutter speed and flash            133

Aperture and flash  134

Manual mode and flash            134

The Color of Light      136

White balance options               137

Using Picture Styles  137

Ambience Effects    138

Choosing a color space               138

Measuring Light        139

Choosing the proper exposure         139

Metering modes     141

Evaluative metering mode          141

Center-weighted metering mode     141

Spot metering mode              141

Partial metering mode             142

The Canon Flash System  142

The pop-up flash     143

Using an external flash               144

Using multiple fl ashes               145

CHAPTER 7 Shooting Photos 147

Portrait Photography    148

Equipment  148

Best practices       150

Tips       152

Shooting Action and Sports              155

Equipment  156

Best practices      157

Tips       159

Capturing Events       160

Equipment  160

Best practices      161

Tips       162

Landscape and Nature Photography       164

Equipment  164

Best practices      165

Tips       167

Macro Photography     170

Equipment  170

Best practices      171

Tips       172

Shooting at Night or in Low Light         173

Equipment  174

Best practices      174

Tips       175

Travel Photography     176

Equipment  176

Best practices       177

Tips       179

CHAPTER 8 Shooting in the Live View and Movie Modes 181

Using the Live View Shooting Mode       182

The Quick Control/Print button        185

Shooting stills       185

Focus modes       186

Live View and Video  187

Shooting Video        188

Setting up for a video shoot           190

The frame rate    192

The shutter speed  192

Lighting  194

Sound   196

Choosing a focus mode            198

Recording video     200

Equipment  202

Types of video      203

Helpful Hints for Shooting Video          205

CHAPTER 9 Viewing, Editing, and Sharing Your Images 207

Viewing your Images    208

Viewing images or videos

on the camera    208

Playback        208

The Quick Control/Print and Info buttons    209

Viewing images on a TV or smart device     210

Downloading and storing your images     210

Storage    211

The 3-2-1 rule       213

Editing Images and Videos on the Camera  213

Sharing your Photos    215

E-mailing  216

Printing    216

Uploading images to a website        216

Sharing photos via social media        218

APPENDIX A Postproduction 221

Photo-editing Software  222

Digital Photo Professional             224

Image Browser EX   227

Lightroom  227

iPhoto     229

Photoshop  230

Video-editing Software  232

Image Browser EX   234

iMovie     234

Windows Live Movie Maker           235

Other video-editing software          236

APPENDIX B Accessories 237

Grips and Remotes     237

Video Accessories      240

Microphones  241

Tripods       243

Bags         245

APPENDIX C How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker 247

The Gray Card  247

The Color Checker      248

Glossary 249

Index 257