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Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D Digital Field Guide



Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D Digital Field Guide

Rosh Sillars

ISBN: 978-1-118-73191-8 July 2013 288 Pages

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All you need to know to use the latest exciting new dslr camera from Canon

If you want to get great photos from Canon's new Rebel T5i/700D dslr camera, you've come to the right place. This practical book takes you step by step through each button, mode, function, and feature of the hot new Rebel T5i/700D, so you'll be able to shoot with confidence, even in challenging situations. Packed with beautiful, full-color photographs and illustrations, this handy guide also reveals tricks and techniques that professionals use to snap super shots and capture compelling HD video. You'll want to keep this helpful reference on hand.

  • Uses an easy-to-follow style to help you get the most out of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D camera's 18 megapixel sensor, superb DIGIC 5 Image Processor, and 5 frames per second (fps) shooting speed
  • Walks you step by step through every button, dial, and menu option, so you're ready for action when the time comes
  • Includes over 200 full-color photographs to illustrate techniques, features, and functions
  • Enables enthusiasts and advanced amateurs to shoot with ease in the most challenging circumstances, whether stills or HD video
  • Features a grey/color checker card that will help you gauge and capture perfect white balance and color in any environment

If you want to get the very most out of your Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D, read the guide that knows it inside and out: Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D Digital Field Guide.

Introduction xii


Getting Started 2

Camera Controls 3

The top of the camera 4

The back of the camera 5

Choosing Image Quality 6

Selecting a Focus Mode 7

Using Flash 8

Reviewing Images or Video 9

Taking Better Photos 9

CHAPTER 1 Exploring the Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D 11

The Top of the Camera 12

The Bottom of the Camera 15

The Front of the Camera 16

The Back of the Camera 17

The Sides of the Camera 22

Lens Controls 24

The Viewfinder Display 25

The LCD Touchscreen and Live View Mode 27

CHAPTER 2 Setting Up the Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D 31

The Shooting Menus 32

Shooting menu 1 32

Settings and corrective functions 32

Flash control 33

Shooting menu 2 35

Shooting menu 3 37

The Live View Shooting Menu 37

The Movie Shooting Menus 39

Movie shooting menu 1 39

Movie shooting menu 2 40

The Playback Menus 41

Playback menu 1 41

Playback menu 2 42

The Setup Menus 43

Setup menu 1 43

Setup menu 2 44

Setup menu 3 45

Setup menu 4 46

My Menu Settings 48

CHAPTER 3 Choosing the Right Settings for Your Camera 49

The Basic Zone Modes 50

The Creative Zone Modes 55

Focus Modes 57

Picture Styles 61

Drive Modes 65

White Balance Settings 66

Flash Modes 71

ISO Settings 75

Choosing File Quality and Format 78

Image size and file numbering 78

The RAW file format 79

The JPEG file format 79

Movie Mode 80

Exposing for video 81

Setting the file size and focus 82

CHAPTER 4 Using Lenses with the Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D 83

Choosing a Good Lens 84

Focal lengths 86

Autofocus 89

Aperture and depth of field 89

Image Stabilization (IS) 90

Vignetting 91

Types of Lenses 92

Prime versus Zoom Lenses 95

Understanding prime lenses 95

Understanding zoom lenses 96

Specialty Lenses 96

CHAPTER 5 Exploring Exposure and Composition 101

Choosing the Right Exposure 102

Setting the shutter speed 105

When to use fast shutter speeds 106

When to use slow shutter speeds 106

Night photography and painting with light 111

Setting the aperture 114

Setting the ISO 116

Using Exposure Compensation 118

High Dynamic Range Photography 119

Exposing for Video 121

Composition 122

The Rule of Thirds 123

Filling the frame 125

Lines and shapes 126

Foreground and background 127

Keeping it simple 127

CHAPTER 6 Working with Lighting and Flash 129

The Importance of Light and Shadow 130

The Direction of Light 131

Frontlighting 131

Sidelighting 131

Overhead lighting 134

Backlighting 134

The Quality of Light 136

Hard lighting 136

Soft lighting  137

Types of Light 138

Natural light 138

Continuous light 139

Flash 139

Shutter speed and flash 140

Aperture and flash 142

Manual mode and flash 142

The Color of Light 144

White balance options 145

Using Picture Styles 145

The Picture Style Editor 146

Ambience Effects 147

Choosing a color space 147

Measuring Light 148

Choosing the proper exposure 148

Metering modes 150

Evaluative metering mode 150

Center-weighted average metering mode 150

Spot metering mode 150

Partial metering mode 151

The Canon Flash System 151

The pop-up flash 152

Using an external flash 153

Using multiple flashes 154

CHAPTER 7 Shooting Photos 157

Portrait Photography 158

Equipment 158

Best practices 160

Tips 162

Family Photography 166

Equipment 166

Best practices 167

Tips 167

Action and Sports Photography 169

Equipment 169

Best practices 170

Tips 172

Event Photography 172

Equipment 173

Best practices 173

Tips 174

Landscape and Nature Photography 176

Equipment 176

Best practices 178

Tips 179

Macro Photography 180

Equipment 180

Best practices 181

Tips 182

Night and Low-Light Photography 183

Equipment 183

Best practices 184

Tips 185

Travel Photography 186

Equipment 186

Best practices 187

Tips 189

CHAPTER 8 Shooting in the Live View and Movie Modes 191

Using the Live View Shooting Mode 192

The Quick Control/Print button 196

Shooting stills 196

Focus modes 197

Live View and video 198

Shooting Video 199

Setting up for a video shoot 201

The frame rate 202

The shutter speed 203

Lighting 205

Sound 206

Choosing a focus mode 208

Recording video 210

Creating video snapshots 211

Equipment 212

Types of video 213

CHAPTER 9 Viewing, Editing, and Sharing Your Content 217

Viewing Content 218

Viewing content on the camera 218

Playback 218

The Quick Control/Print and Info buttons 219

Viewing content on a TV or smart device 220

Downloading and Storing Your Images 221

Storage 221

The 3-2-1 rule 223

Editing and Adjusting Content on the Camera 223

Sharing Photos and Videos 225

E-mailing images 225

Printing images 225

Uploading content to a website 226

Sharing content via social media 227

APPENDIX A Postproduction 233

Photo-Editing Software 234

Digital Photo Professional 236

Image Browser EX 239

Lightroom 241

iPhoto 242

Photoshop 243

Video-Editing Software 245

Image Browser EX 247

iMovie 248

Windows Live Movie Maker 248

Other video-editing software 249

APPENDIX B Accessories 251

Grips and Remotes 251

Video Accessories 253

Microphones 254

Tripods 255

Bags 257

APPENDIX C How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker 259

The Gray Card 259

The Color Checker 260

Glossary 261

Index 267