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Capital Markets: A Global Perspective



Capital Markets: A Global Perspective

Thomas H. McInish

ISBN: 978-0-631-21159-4 May 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 448 Pages


Capital Markets: A Global Perspective concentrates on principles that financial professionals - regardless of geography - need to know, rather than on local institutional details.
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1. Financial markets and their Products.

2. Secondary Markets.

3. Transaction Costs.

4. Clearing and Settlement.

5. Regulation.

6. Equities.

7. Debt Securities.

8. Debt Securities. Theoretical Considerations.

9. International Parity Relationships.

10. Foreign Exchange.

11. Markowitz and the Capital Asset Pricing Model.

12. Futures.

13. Options.

14. Swaps.

15. Hedging.

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"Capital Markets: A Global Perspective is a comprehensive and pedagogical textbook that condenses a broad field of finance into an intuitive and readable book. It provides both a conceptual and in-depth understanding of the major fiancial products and the operating structure of various U.S. and foreign capital markets." –Norman Moore, University of Connecticut