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Capital Structure and Corporate Financing Decisions: Theory, Evidence, and Practice


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Capital Structure and Corporate Financing Decisions: Theory, Evidence, and Practice

H. Kent Baker, Gerald S. Martin

ISBN: 978-0-470-56952-8 May 2011 504 Pages


A comprehensive guide to making better capital structure and corporate financing decisions in today's dynamic business environment

Given the dramatic changes that have recently occurred in the economy, the topic of capital structure and corporate financing decisions is critically important. The fact is that firms need to constantly revisit their portfolio of debt, equity, and hybrid securities to finance assets, operations, and future growth.

Capital Structure and Corporate Financing Decisions provides an in-depth examination of critical capital structure topics, including discussions of basic capital structure components, key theories and practices, and practical application in an increasingly complex corporate world. Throughout, the book emphasizes how a sound capital structure simultaneously minimizes the firm's cost of capital and maximizes the value to shareholders.

  • Offers a strategic focus that allows you to understand how financing decisions relates to a firm's overall corporate policy
  • Consists of contributed chapters from both academics and experienced professionals, offering a variety of perspectives and a rich interplay of ideas
  • Contains information from survey research describing actual financial practices of firms

This valuable resource takes a practical approach to capital structure by discussing why various theories make sense and how firms use them to solve problems and create wealth. In the wake of the recent financial crisis, the insights found here are essential to excelling in today's volatile business environment.

Acknowledgments ix

1 Capital Structure: An Overview 1
H. Kent Baker and Gerald S. Martin

PART I The Elements of Capital Structure 15

2 Factors Affecting Capital Structure Decisions 17
Wolfgang Bessler, Wolfgang Drobetz, and Robin Kazemieh

3 Capital Structure and Corporate Strategy 41
Maurizio La Rocca

4 Capital Structure and Firm Risk 59
Valentin Dimitrov

5 Capital Structure and Returns 75
Yaz Gulnur Muradoglu and Sheeja Sivaprasad

6 Capital Structure and Compensation 93
Alan Victor Scott Douglas

7 Worldwide Patterns in Capital Structure 111
Carmen Cotei and Joseph Farhat

PART II Capital Structure Choice 127

8 Capital Structure Theories and Empirical Tests: An Overview 129
Stein Frydenberg

9 Capital Structure Irrelevance: TheModigliani-Miller Model 151
Sergei V. Cheremushkin

10 Trade-Off, Pecking Order, Signaling, and Market Timing Models 171
Anton Miglo

11 Estimating Capital Costs: Practical Implementation of Theory's Insights 191
Robert M. Conroy and Robert S. Harris

12 Economic, Regulatory, and Industry Effects on Capital Structure 211
Paroma Sanyal

13 Survey Evidence on Financing Decisions and Cost of Capital 229
Franck Bancel and Usha R. Mittoo

14 Survey Evidence on Capital Structure: Non-U.S. Evidence 249
Abe de Jong and Patrick Verwijmeren

PART III Raising Capital 261

15 The Roles of Financial Intermediaries in Raising Capital 263
Neal Galpin and Heungju Park

16 Bank Relationships and Collateralization 281
Aron A. Gottesman and Gordon S. Roberts

17 Rating Agencies and Credit Insurance 299
John Patrick Hunt

18 Secured Financing 319
Hugh Marble III

19 Sale and Leasebacks 335
Kyle S. Wells

PART IV Special Topics 351

20 Financial Distress and Bankruptcy 353
Kimberly J. Cornaggia

21 Fiduciary Responsibility and Financial Distress 371
Remus D. Valsan and Moin A. Yahya

22 The Lease versus Buy Decision 387
Sris Chatterjee and An Yan

23 Private Investment in Public Equity 401
William K. Sjostrom Jr.

24 Financing CorporateMergers and Acquisitions 419
Wolfgang Bessler, Wolfgang Drobetz, and Jan Zimmermann

Answers to Chapter Discussion Questions 445

Index 475