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Capitalism and Conservation



Capitalism and Conservation

Dan Brockington (Editor), Rosaleen Duffy (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-39145-9 September 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 344 Pages

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Through a series of case studies from around the world, Capitalism and Conservation presents a critique of conservation’s role as a central driver of global capitalism.
  • Features innovative new research on case studies on the connections between capitalism and conservation drawn from all over the world
  • Examines some of our most popular leisure pursuits and consumption habits to uncover the ways they drive and deepen global capitalism
  • Reveals the increase in intensity and variety of forms of capitalist conservation throughout the world
Introduction: Capitalism and Conservation: The Production and Reproduction of Biodiversity Conservation 1
Dan Brockington and Rosaleen Duffy

1 A Spectacular Eco-Tour around the Historic Bloc: Theorising the Convergence of Biodiversity Conservation and Capitalist Expansion 17
Jim Igoe, Katja Neves and Dan Brockington

2 The Devil is in the (Bio)diversity: Private Sector “Engagement” and the Restructuring of Biodiversity Conservation 44
Kenneth Iain MacDonald

3 The Conservationist Mode of Production and Conservation NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa 82
Dan Brockington and Katherine Scholfield

4 Shifting Environmental Governance in a Neoliberal World: US AID for Conservation 108
Catherine Corson

5 Disconnected Nature: The Scaling Up of African Wildlife Foundation and its Impacts on Biodiversity Conservation and Local Livelihoods 135
Hassanali T. Sachedina

6 The Rich, the Powerful and the Endangered: Conservation Elites, Networks and the Dominican Republic 156
George Holmes

7 Conservative Philanthropists, Royalty and Business Elites in Nature Conservation in Southern Africa 179
Marja Spierenburg and Harry Wels

8 Protecting the Environment the Natural Way: Ethical Consumption and Commodity Fetishism 203
James G. Carrier

9 Making the Market: Specialty Coffee, Generational Pitches, and Papua New Guinea 221
Paige West

10 Cashing in on Cetourism: A Critical Ecological Engagement with Dominant E-NGO Discourses on Whaling, Cetacean Conservation, and Whale Watching 251
Katja Neves

11 Neoliberalising Nature? Elephant-Back Tourism in Thailand and Botswana 274
Rosaleen Duffy and Lorraine Moore

12 The Receiving End of Reform: Everyday Responses to Neoliberalisation in Southeastern Mexico 299
Peter R.Wilshusen

Index 332

“This book is suitable for a range of audiences seeking a more in depth understanding of the pervasion of neoliberalism in conservation and the peripheral role of conservation to neoliberalism. It would be useful for politics, geography and tourism researchers while also being a potential pertinent resource for practitioners pursuing greater understanding of the processes. It is good value for money for these individuals.”  (Economic Geography Research Group, 2012)