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Carbocyclic Cage Compounds: Chemistry and Applications



Carbocyclic Cage Compounds: Chemistry and Applications

Eiji Osawa (Editor), Osamu Yonemitsu (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18742-4 May 1992 409 Pages


Here is an in-depth presentation of current research and theory on the chemistry of three-dimensional polycyclic molecules, or 'cage molecules,' synthesized compounds with closed structures. Internationally known scientists introduce their areas of expertise, ranging from general principles to highly specialized perspectives on this fascinating branch of pure chemistry.
Polycyclic Cage Molecules: Useful Intermediates in Organic Synthesis and an Emerging Class of Substrates for Mechanistic Studies (A. Marchand).

High-Symmetry Chiral Cage-Shaped Molecules (K. Naemura).

Postfullerene Organic Chemistry (H. Kroto & D. Walton).

A New Look at Natural Products Chemistry in Three Dimensions (F. Matsuda & H. Shirahama).

Propellanes (Y. Tobe).

Cyclophanes from Vinylarenes (J. Nishimura).

Syntheses of Prismanes (G. Mehta & S. Padma).

Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Cubane (H. Higuchi & I. Ueda).

Recent Advances in Selected Aspects of Bishomocubane Chemistry (W. Dilling).

A New Approach to the Adamantane Rearrangements (C. Ganter).

Reflex and Anti Reflex Effects: Discovery and Developments (J. Fournier & B. Waegell).

Cage Molecules in Photochemistry (T. Miyashi, et al.).

Recent Studies on Valence Isomerization between Norbornadiene and Quadricyclane (K. Hirao, et al.).