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Carbohydrates as Organic Raw Materials III



Carbohydrates as Organic Raw Materials III

Herman van Bekkum (Editor), Harald Röper (Editor), A. G. J. Voragen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61488-2 July 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 325 Pages


This volume is the continuation of a successful bookseries devoted to an increasingly vital subject: the utilization of carbohydrates as chemical raw materials. Sixteen contributions present an overview of current research thereby covering several new topics which were not dealt with in the preceeding volumes:

- production and use of inulin
- lactose: its manufacture and physico-chemical properties
- lactic acid production and utilization
- bulking agents: polydextrose
- alkyl polyglucoside, a carbohydrate-based surfactant

As more than sixty percent of the authors come from industry, this volume is the most practice-oriented of the series. Thus, this book will be a valuable tool for young as well as for experienced researchers working in the challenging field of upgrading renewable resources.
Utilization of cell wall polysaccharides from cereal by-products and beet pulp (A.G.J. Voragen, M.E.F. Bergmans, A. Oosterveld, H.A. Schols, and G. Beldman)
Starch: present use and future utilization (H. Roper)
Metal-catalyzed oxidation and reduction of carbohydrates (A. Abbadi and H. Van Bekkum)
Production and use of inulin: Industrial reality with a promising future (L. De Leenheer)
Lactose: its manufacture and physico-chemical properties (E. Timmermans)
Raw materials for fermentation (D. Wilke)
Lactic acid production and utilization (J.A. Van Velthuijsen)
Starch and dextrins in emulsion copolymerization (M. Bodiger, S. Demharter, and R. Mulhaupt)
Synthesis of new 'Saccharide polymers' from unsaturated monosaccharides (K. Buchholz, S. Warn, B. Skeries, S. Wick, and E.-J. Yaacoub)
Molecular inclusion within polymeric carbohydrate matrices (S. Kubik, O. Holler, A. Steinert, M. Tolksdorf, Y. van der Leek, and G. Wulff)
Resistant starch (M. Champ and N. Faisant)
Bulking agents: polydextrose (S.A.S. Craig, J.M. Anderson, J.F. Holden, and P.R. Murray)
Alkyl polyglucoside, a carbohydrate-based surfactant (W. Ruback and S. Schmidt)
Tailor-made carbohydrate surfactants? Systematic investigations into structure-property relationships of N-Acyl N-Alkyl 1-Amino-1-Deoxy-D-Glucitols (H.A. Van Doren)
Calcium sequestering agents based on carbohydrates (A.C. Besemer and H. Van Bekkum)
Bleach activators (R.H.F. Beck, H. Koch, and J. Mentech)
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