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Carbon Composites: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Carbon Composites: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Hao Zhuang, Zhenhui Kang, Xiaoning Guo, Xin Jiang, Nianjun Yang

ISBN: 978-1-119-31361-8

Jun 2020

440 pages

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This book will connect knowledge about synthesis, properties and applications of novel carbon materials and carbon-based composites, including thin films of silicon carbide, carbon nitrite, boron carbide and their related composites. The book will cover the direct bottom-up synthesis of the carbon based composite systems and their potential applications. The growth mechanism of the composite structures will be discussed. The applications will range from mechanical, electronic, chemical, biochemical, medical, and environmental applications to functional devices, such as sensors, detection of contaminants, wastewater treatment, and water splitting.

Topics covered include:
• Silicon carbide (SiC): CVD growth of SiC films, Morphology controlling of SiC nanostructures, SiC films for bio and electrochemical applications, SiC powders for thermocatalytic and photocatalytic applications.
• Carbon nitrides: Synthesis and electrochemical applications, fabrication and water splitting applications, biosensing applications using carbon nitrides, CVD synthesis and chemical applications.
• Boron carbide: Synthesis of boron carbide thin films and nanostructures, mechanical properties of boron carbide thin films and their applications, theoretical modeling of BCN, synthesis and applications of BCN.
• Novel carbon composites: Carbon nanodots composites, SiC/diamond composites, carbon nitrides-based composites, boron carbides-based composites.

This book is published as a title in the new Wiley book series Nanocarbon Chemistry and Interfaces. This series summarizes recent developments in the exciting and evolving field of carbon-based nanomaterials from a chemistry perspective, with a particular focus on surface chemistry and interface properties of nanocarbons.