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Carbonate Sedimentology

Carbonate Sedimentology

Maurice E. Tucker, V. Paul Wright

ISBN: 978-1-444-31417-5 November 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 496 Pages


Carbonate rocks (limestones and dolomites) constitute a major part of the geological column and contain not only 60% of the world's known hydrocarbons but also host extensive mineral deposits. This book represents the first major review of carbonate sedimentology since the mid 1970's. It is aimed at the advanced undergraduate - postgraduate level and will also be of major interest to geologists working in the oil industry.

Carbonate Sedimentology is designed to take the reader from the basic aspects of limestone recognition and classification through to an appreciation of the most recent developments such as large scale facies modelling and isotope geochemistry. Novel aspects of the book include a detailed review of carbonate mineralogy, non-marine carbonate depositional environments and an in-depth look at carbonate deposition and diagenesis through geologic time. In addition, the reviews of individual depositional systems stress a process-based approach rather than one centered on simple comparative sedimentology. The unique quality of this book is that it contains integrated reviews of carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis, within one volume.



1. Carbonate Sediments and Limestones: Constituents.

2. Geological Background to Carbonate Sedimentation.

3. Modern Carbonate Environments. (Maurice Tucker).

4. Carbonate Depositional Systems I: Marine Shallow-Water and Lacustrine Carbonates.

5. Carbonate Depositional Systems II: Deeper-Water Facies of Pelagic and Resedimented Limestones.

6. Carbonate Mineralogy and Chemistry.

7. Diagenetic Processes, Products and Environments.

8. Dolomites and Dolomitization Models.

9. The Geological Record of Carbonate Rocks.