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Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine

Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine

Wendy A. Ware

ISBN: 978-1-840-76076-7

Jul 2007

240 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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This is a comprehensive, authoritative yet user friendly guide to cardiovascular diseases and disorders in the dog and cat. It is fully referenced and richly illustrated throughout by clinical colour photos, imaging and diagrams of the highest quality. Coverage includes evaluation techniques, investigative procedures, diagnosis, medical and surgical management options and methods. Dr. Ware’s book will be an educational resource and a professional reference of lasting value.
Section 1: Introduction and Normal Reference Information, 1. The normal cardiovascular system, 2. The cardiovascular examination, 3. Overview of cardiac Radiography, 4. Overview of electrocardiology, 5. Overview of echocardiography. Section 2: Cardiovascular Problems, 6. Murmurs and abnormal heart sounds, 7. Cardiomegaly, 8. Cough, 9. Respiratory difficulty, 10. Jugular vein distension or pulsations, 11. Abdominal distension, 12. Subcutaneous Edema, 13. Abnormal heart rate or rhythm, 14. Syncope and intermittent collapse, 15. Thromboembolic events. Section 3: Cardiovascular Diseases, 16. Approach to CHF management, 17. Approach to arrhythmia management, 18. Congenital cardiovascular diseases, 19. Acquired valve diseases, 20. Myocardial diseases of the dog, 21. Myocardial diseases of the cat, 22. Pericardial diseases and cardiac tumours, 23. Pulmonary distension, 24. Heartworm disease, 25. Systemic hypertension.