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Cardiovascular Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy

Cardiovascular Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy

Annarosa Leri, Piero Anversa, William H. Frishman

ISBN: 978-0-470-98890-9 November 2007 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


This book is the definitive reference on two of the most exciting areas of cardiovascular research – myocardial regeneration and stem cell therapy – for the treatment of disease. Edited by pioneers in the area, with contributions from every major investigator worldwide, it covers:

  • The biology of stem cells
  • The actions of stem cells from the bone marrow, the heart, and embryos on the normal restorative and repair functions of the heart and blood vessels
  • How stem cells could contribute to myocardial recovery in the face of injury and aging
  • How adjuvant therapy with growth factors might enhance stem cell activity in regeneration and repair
  • Clinical applications and clinical experiences

This fully referenced publication presents the current state of knowledge in both basic science and clinical practice, and is an essential reference for scientists, students, and clinicians.




Annarosa Leri, Piero Anversa, William Frishman.

Part I Stem Cell Biology.

1 Homing of Stem Cells and Tissue Injury.

Ayelet Dar, Orit Kollet, Tsvee Lapidot.

2 Adult Stem Cell Plasticity: Lineage potential on a Continuum.

Peter J. Quesenberry, Gerald Colvin, Mehrdad Abedi.

3 Embryonic Stem Cells and Cardiogenesis.

Timothy J. Kamp, Gary E. Lyons.

4 Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyogenic Cells.

Keiichi Fukuda, Jun Fujita, Daihiko Hakuno, Shinji Makino.

5 Bone Marrow Cells and Vascular Growth.

Takayuki Asahara.

6 Progenitor Cells and Vascular Repair.

Kaushik Mandal, Marjan Jahangiri, Qingbo Xu.

Part II Cardiac Progenitor Cells in the Adult Heart.

7 Cardiac Side Population Cells: Phenotype and Functional Significance.

Ronglih Liao, Frederic Mouquet, Otmar Pfister.

8 Phenotype and Function of c-kit Positive-Derived Amplifying Myocytes.

Rachel Wilson, Xiongwen Chen, Hajime Kubo, Remus Berretta, Steven Houser.

9 Cardiac Stem Cells and their Niches.

Annarosa Leri, Alessandro Boni, Robert Siggins, Angelo Nascimbene, Toru Hosoda.

10 Activation of the Local Regenerative System of the Heart.

Antonia Germani, Federica Limana, Maurizio C. Capogrossi.

Part III Progenitor Cells and the Diseased Heart.

11 Embryonic Stem Cells and Myocardial Regeneration.

Ahmad Y. Sheikh, Phillip C. Yang, Joseph C. Wu, Robert C. Robbins.

12 Bone Marrow-Derived Cells in Myocardial Repair and Regeneration.

Raj Kishore, Douglas W. Losordo.

13 Endothelial Progenitor Cells And The Infarcted Heart.

Stefanie Dimmeler, Masamichi Koyanagi, Carmen Urbich, Andreas M. Zeiher.

14 Cytokines and Heart Remodeling.

Issei Komuro, Hiroyuki Takano.

15 IGF-1, Muscle Progenitors and Heart Failure.

Nadia Rosenthal, Nadine Winn, Maria Paola Santini.

Part IV Cardiac Progenitor Cells and Heart Failure.

16 Cardiac Stem Cells and the Diabetic Cardiomyopathy.

Jan Kajstura, Nicole LeCapitaine, Maria Loredo, Marco Giorgio, Thomas S. Mitchell, Susanna Valentini, Francesco Rotatori, Pier Giuseppe Pelicci.

17 Stem Cells and Cardiac Aging.

Roberto Bolli, Piero Anversa.

18 Bioengineered Scaffolds: Myocytes, Endothelial Cells and Cardiac Repair.

Vincent F.M. Segers, Richard T. Lee.

19 Gene Therapy and Cellular Therapy in Cardiac Repair.

Mark A. Sussman.

20 Cardiac Stem Cells and the Failing Heart.

Piero Anversa, Konrad Urbanek, Claudia Bearzi, Antonella De Angelis, Marcello Rota.

21 Myocardial Infarction: Risks and Hope.

Marc A. Pfeffer.

Part V Future Directions.

22 Conclusions – Future Directions.

Piero Anversa, Edmund H. Sonnenblick, William Frishman.


“This book brings together the world’s foremost experts in the areas of stem cell biology and their role in cardiovascular patho-physiology. [A] highly enjoyable review of the current knowledge … and it succeeds in covering the current knowledge authoritatively. An essential book for clinicians and fundamental scientists working in this area.” (Cardiology News, December 2008)

“The authors have played a major role in developing this new topic…and it is of high relevance in ongoing clinical trials and future treatment perspectives.” (Journal of the American Medical Association)

The first major text in this exciting field so you can keep up-to-date with the latest developments

  • Contributions from all of the major investigators in the field
  • Highlights all recent discoveries in both basic science and clinical realms, exploring the feasibility for treating heart attacks, heart failure and cardiac aging