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Career Survival: Strategic Job and Role Planning



Career Survival: Strategic Job and Role Planning

Edgar H. Schein

ISBN: 978-0-893-84241-3 January 1995 Pfeiffer 113 Pages


Forecast how jobs will change in the future and plan accordingly

Career Survival shows you how to identify the key elements of an individual's job now and in the future and how to set appropriate priorities.

Helps managers, employees, and human resource specialists answer such questions as:
* What does the job currently involve?
* How will the job itself change over the next few years?
* How will the environment around the job change?
* Do these changes require a different person to do the job?

Career Survival helps organizations more accurately forecast their needs and helps individual employees effectively structure their priorities and future plans.


Strategic Job and Role Planning.

Job and Role Analysis and Planning.

Step 1: Inventory Current Job and Roles.

Step 2: Identify Changes in the Environment.

Step 3: Assess Environmental Impacts on Stakeholder Expectations.

Step 4: Determine the Impact on Job and Roles.

Step 5: Redefine Job Requirements.

Step 6: ExtAnd the Strategic Job and Role Planning Activity.

Conclusions and Implications.