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Careers with the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2nd Edition

Careers with the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2nd Edition

Peter D. Stonier (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-01372-4 January 2005 376 Pages


In recent years, many factors have combined to change the operating environment of the international pharmaceutical industry leading to greater specialisation and sophistication. This new edition will give an update of the different opportunities in drug discovery and development and the scientific, medical or other specialist training needed to accomplish them. The scope of this edition has been broadened to encompass all major roles, including marketing and sales.
List of Contributors.


Preface to the First Edition.


I: Background to Medicines Research and Development.

Pharmaceutical Medicine—A Specialist Discipline (F. Gabbay).

The Contribution of Academic Clinical Pharmacology to Medicine Research (C. George).

A Career in Drug Discovery (D. Ellis).

II: Careers in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research.

A Career in Clinical Pharmacology (R. Yates).

Career Opportunities for Physicians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (B. Spilker).

The Clinical Research Associate (G. Hayes).

Clinical Trial Administrator and Study Site Co-ordinator—Key Roles in Clinical Research (N. Murgatroyd, et al.).

Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (C. Hilton and T. Lewis).

Careers in Data Management (S. Varley).

Working in a Contract Research Organisation (J. Barrett).

III: Careers in Sales and Marketing.

A Career in Product Management (R. Carlisle).

A Career in Medical Sales and Medical Sales Management (R. Carlisle).

IV: General Careers with the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Role of the Pharmacist in Healthcare (D. Jordan).

Careers for Nurses with the Pharmaceutical Industry (J. Kenkre).

The Toxicologist in Pharmaceutical Medicine (G. Diggle).

A Career in Clinical Quality Assurance (R. Hattemer-Apostel).

A Career in Product Registration and Regulatory Affairs (P. Turmer).

Careers in Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance (P. Barnes).

Careers in Medical Information (J. Taylor).

Medical Writing as a Career (B. Mullinger).

Career Opportunities in Medicines Regulation—The Medical Assessor (N. Baber).

Pharmaceutical Law - A Growing Legal Specialty (I. Dodds-Smith)

Industry Careers for Pharmacoeconomists (N. Bosanquet).

Consultant in Pharmaceutical Medicine (B. Gennery).

V: Career Progression.

Landing that Job—Recruitment, CVs and Interviews (S. Ransom).

Career Development in Pharmaceuticals (R. Stephens).

Opportunities for Education and Training in the Pharmaceutical Industry (P. Stonier and G. Hayes).

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