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Case Studies in Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment, 2nd Edition



Case Studies in Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment, 2nd Edition

Craig W. LeCroy, Elizabeth K. Anthony

ISBN: 978-1-118-41644-0 November 2014 416 Pages

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A detailed look at how to apply clinical theories to social work practice

Thinking through real-life cases to make connections between theory and practice is a crucial element of social work education. Now in its Second Edition, Case Studies in Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment contains a wide range of cases described in rich detail by practitioners, scholars, and researchers. Chapters represent contexts and approaches across the social work spectrum, so students will get to glimpse into the clinical experience of a full range of professionals.

With chapter overviews, case sketches, study questions, and references for further study, this book makes an invaluable reference for social work students. Learning by example is the best way to develop the skill of clinical reasoning. Editors Craig W. LeCroy and Elizabeth K. Anthony—two distinguished scholars in the field of social work—have brought together an impressive roster of contributors who add their unique voices and clinical perspectives into their insightful case descriptions. Organized into five thematic sections, Case Studies in Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment, Second Edition covers the most important areas in social work practice, including:

  • Child welfare and adoption
  • Individual and group treatment
  • School and community settings
  • Family treatment and parent training

With the updates in the Second Edition, students will learn the most current lessons in social work practice from a diverse range of scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field. In contexts ranging from child welfare to homelessness, this book provides the critical thinking skills students need to understand how social work theory applies in clinical environments.

EPAS standards ix

Matrix for chapter content xiii

Preface xvii

1 Case Studies in Individual Treatment and Assessment 1

Case Study 1‐1 From Childhood to Young Adulthood with ADHD 5
Susan Bogas

Case Study 1‐2 Solution‐Focused Therapy with Child Behavior Problems 29
Jacqueline Corcoran

Case Study 1‐3 Crisis Intervention with a Depressed African American Adolescent 45
Jewelle Taylor Gibbs

Case Study 1‐4 What a Few CBT Sessions Can Do: The Case of a Motivated Young Adult 64
Kathy Crowley

Case Study 1‐5 Th e Case of Aundria: Treating Substance Abuse During Adolescence Using CBT and Motivational Interviewing 72
Paul Sacco, Charlotte Lyn Bright, Janai Springer

Case Study 1‐6 A Developmental Approach to Working with Sexually Abusive Youth 86
George Stuart Leibowitz, Susan L. Robinson

Case Study 1‐7 Eff ective Interventions for Adolescent Conduct Disorder in Residential Treatment 110
Jamie L. Glick

2 Case Studies in Group Treatment 130

Case Study 2‐1 A Social Skills Group for Children 133
Craig Winston LeCroy

Case Study 2‐2 A Culturally Grounded Empowerment Group for Mexican American Girls 145
Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Eden Hernandez Robles

Case Study 2‐3 Developmental Play Groups with Kindergartners in a School Social Work Setting 162
Timothy A. Musty

Case Study 2‐4 Gay Youth and Safe Spaces 174
Nora Gustavsson, Ann MacEachron

3 Case Studies in Family Treatment and Parent Training 182

Case Study 3‐1 HOMEBUILDERS®: Helping Families Stay Together 184
Nancy Wells Gladow, Peter J. Pecora, Charlotte Booth

Case Study 3‐2 Evidence‐Based Approach to Parent Training 203
Randy Magen

Case Study 3‐3 Promoting Positive Parenting: Infant Mental Health Intervention with High‐Risk Families 219
Brenda Jones Harden, Elena Aguilar, Cindy Cruz, Elizabeth Aparicio

4 Case Studies in Child Welfare and Adoption 236

Case Study 4‐1 A Case Study of the Application of NTU Psychotherapy for Treatment Foster Care and Emotional Trauma 239
Frederick B. Phillips, Peter Fitts

Case Study 4‐2 Helping Families with Reunification: Returning a Child to a Less‐Than‐Perfect Family 263
Lindsay Bicknell-Hentges, John Lynch

Case Study 4‐3 Nothing Left to Lose: Growing Up in Foster Care 277
Debbie Hunt

Case Study 4‐4 Deciding What Is Best for Savannah: The Grief and Joy in a Successful Adoption 289
Melissa Evans

5 Case Studies in School and Community Settings 296

Case Study 5‐1 Zai: A Hmong Adolescent Creates His Own Way 299
Harriet Cobb, A. Renee Staton, Krystal Studivant

Case Study 5‐2 Understanding Bullying and Peer Victimization: The Important Roles of Peers, Parents, and School Personnel in Prevention and Intervention 312
Anne Williford

Case Study 5‐3 Finding a Voice and Making It Heard: A Case Study of Low‐Income Urban Youth 328
Nicole Nicotera

Case Study 5‐4 Living in Survival Mode: A Young Woman’s Experience of Homelessness 346
Richard Geasland, Rachelle Wayne

Author Index 363

Subject Index 371