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Cases and Projects in International Management: Cross-Cultural Dimensions

Cases and Projects in International Management: Cross-Cultural Dimensions

Richard Mead

ISBN: 978-1-557-86849-7 July 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 168 Pages


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Designed to ensure that students develop the cross-cultural skills needed by the modern manager, this book uses real-life cases and projects to investigate how culture influences behavior in the workplace.

Case 1. Introduction to Culture.

Case 2. The Professor's Shoes.

Case 3. The New Delhi Tea Company.

Case 4. How Much Structure?.

Case 5. The Pascale Automobile Company.

Case 6. The European Union University Support Agency.

Case 7. Asia South/Research.

Case 8. Honesty and Ethics.

Case 9. The Swiss-Thai Joint Venture.

Case 10. Consulair.

Case 11. An American Family Company.

Case 12. Voxykoll.

Case 13. The Korean Hotel.

Case 14. The Australian Expatriate.

Case 15. Job Rotation in Japan.

Case 16. The Anglo-Zambian Research and Development Project.

Case 17. Applying American Systems in Thailand.

Case 18. Repatriation.

Case 19. The Filipino who was Loyal to His Friend.

Case 20. Afolayan Supplies.

Case 21. When to Keep Quiet.

Project 1. Comparing Cultures.

Project 2. Designing a Management Study Skills Course.

Project 3. Making Real Change.

Project 4. Spending Money.

Project 5. Transplanting a Management System.

Project 6. The Ruritanian Electronics Negotiation.

Project 7. Workplace Communication: Needs Analysis.

Appendix: Hofstede's Model.



  • A Focuses on and develops the cross-cultural skills that are needed by the modern manager.
  • A The cases engage students by focussing on real-life issues that typically arise in international management situations.
  • A Can be used alongside the author's earlier book International Management: Cross Cultural Dimensions (Blackwell Publishers, Second Edition, 1998), or independently.
    A Designed for use by students from different cultural backgrounds.