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Cases in Consumer Behaviour

Cases in Consumer Behaviour

Gerrit Antonides (Editor), W. Fred van Raaij (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98781-9 July 1999 180 Pages


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Cases in Consumer Behaviour Cases in Consumer Behaviour contains a selection of case studies which examine different aspects of the behaviour of European consumers. These case studies consider, amongst other issues, personal consumer decisions and interactive household decision making; cultural and social effects on consumer behaviour; new product development and diffusion in different countries; marketing communications; and consumer satisfaction and welfare. This casebook is closely related to, and is recommended for use with, Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective by Gerrit Antonides and W. Fred van Raaij.
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Taste Me, Love Me (D. McLoughlin).

Yarner Water (A. Fagraeus, et al.).

The Body Shop: Societal Values in the Store (G. Antonides).

Attitudes Towards Recycling of Household Waste (M. Piacentini).

The Case of the Model Railway Purchase (E. Kirchler & C. Rodler).

But Marriage Means Sharing -
Doesn't It..? (C. Burgoyne).

'No One Buys No Name Trainers...' (M. Hogg & S. Herelle).

I'm in Control (J. Mannak & J. Schoormans).

Product Placement (D. Read).

Advertising with Power or Suspicion? (M. de Kruijk & W. van Raaij).

Food Shopping Styles in Hungary (J. Simon, et al.).

Hurry -
Only Whilst Stocks Last...? (E. Betts & P. McGoldrick).

Consumer Borrowing Decisions (R. Ranyard).

A Single Currency for Europe -
The Euro (W. Van Raaij & Y. van Everdingen).

Age-Lite (P. Klumb).

Dissatisfied with Doing the Dishes (J. Loef).

The Behaviour of the Young Towards Luxury Products (D. Allérès).

Pasta in Europe (G. Panigyrakis & C. Veloutsou).

Andrex Comes Out of the Closet (A. Yentis & J. Bond).

Consumers' Evaluations of Products Labelled 'Made in Europe' (G. Schweiger, et al.).
  • The authors of these cases are drawn from nine different European countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Greece and Hungary
  • The cases reflect the consumer perspective on marketing problems
  • Each case presents a practical problem in the consumer area and poses questions for the reader.
  • An Instructor’s Manual is available from the publisher for lecturers using the casebook.