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Catalysis for Renewables: Fats and Oils

Catalysis for Renewables: Fats and Oils

Aalbert Zwijnenburg

ISBN: 978-3-527-81573-9

Dec 2020

380 pages

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Written by renowned researchers with solid experience in both industry and academia, this comprehensive handbook is the first to focus on the utilization of naturally occurring fats and oils as renewable resources.
As such, the text provides an overview of existing processes and utilization concepts of triglyceride-based feedstocks in the production of biochemicals. It describes the history of the edible oil and oleochemical industry along with various traditional as well as modern sources for fats and oils. Along the way, the focus lies on the catalytic transformation processes of biomaterials leading to different corresponding chemical products.
The result is an important reference source for chemists and reaction engineers working in the area of sustainable synthesis and catalysis, whether in academia or industry
1 Sources of fats and oils, history, current and future outlook
2 History of catalysts in edible oil industry
3 Functional foods: CLA from vegetable oils
4 Trans fatty acids: 8 catalysts and alternatives
5 Enzymes in fats and oils
6 History of catalytic processes in oleochemical industry
7 Oleochemical industry: raw materials, processes, developments
8 Shape selectivity in oleochemicals
9 New fat sources: Farnesene
10 Oleochemicals by fermentation processes
11 Metathesis of vegetable oils
12 Bioplastics based on oils
13 Industrial uses for castor oil
14 New transformation routes of glycerol
15 Functionalisation of fats and oils for fine Chemicals