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Catalysis in Precision Polymerization

Catalysis in Precision Polymerization

Shiro Kobayashi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-86630-6 November 2000 492 Pages




This book provides a comprehensive survey of the entire field of catalysis in polymer synthesis covering the majority of essential aspects from basic organic, organometallic and bio-chemistry to industrial production. Particular emphasis is placed on "precision polymerization," where the catalyst plays a key role in the fabrication of innovative polymers. Precision polymerization enables the production of polymers with precisely controlled structures, molecular weight, distribution and stereochemistry, free from defects.
Transition Metal Catalysis: Part 1.

Transition Metal Catalysis: Part 2.

Rare Earth Metal Catalysis.

Radical Polymerization Catalysis.

Anionic Catalysis.

Cationic Catalysis.

Enzymatic Catalysis.

Polymerization Without Catalyst.