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Catalytic Antibodies

Catalytic Antibodies

Derek J. Chadwick (Editor), Joan Marsh (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51411-5 April 2008 270 Pages




Contains the presentations and discussions that took place during a symposium at the CIBA Foundation on October 1-3, 1990 on the subject of catalytic antibodies. The recognition that monoclonal antibodies can possess catalytic activity is a recent advance with profound ramifications for chemistry. In addition to their potential commercial applications as catalysts for reactions, for which there are no known enzymes, antibodies promise to provide valuable insight into the detailed mechanisms of biological catalysis and organic chemistry.
Partial table of contents:

A Catalytic Antibody Uses a Multistep Kinetic Sequence (S. Benkovic, et al.).

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Antibody-Antigen Interactions (Y. Arata).

Approaches to the Design of Semisynthetic Metal-Dependent Catalytic Antibodies (G. Nakayama & P. Schultz).

Catalytic Antibodies: Contributions from Engineering and Expression in Escherichia coli (A. Plückthun & J. Stadlmüller).

Screening Combinatorial Antibody Libraries for Catalytic Acyl Transfer Reactions (L. Sastry, et al.).

Antibody Catalysis of Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation (D. Hilvert).

Catalytic Antibodies: A New Window on Protein Chemistry (C. Suckling, et al.).

Tritylase Antibodies (B. Iverson, et al.).

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