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Catalytic Antibodies

Catalytic Antibodies

Ehud Keinan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60505-7

Mar 2006

616 pages



Exploiting the inherent combinatorial mechanism in the biosynthesis of antibodies, an almost limitless variety of biocatalysts may be generated. Catalytic antibodies are capable of performing almost any type of reaction with high selectivity and stereospecificity.
Here, the pioneers in the use of catalytic antibodies review the entire scope of this interdisciplinary field, covering such topics as:
* theoretical aspects of structure, mechanism and kinetics
* practical considerations, from immunization techniques to screening methods
* in vitro evolution and other modern approaches
* applications from organic synthesis to medical uses.
Backed by the leading authorities in antibody catalysis, this is the first book to provide such comprehensive coverage and constitutes a prime reference for biochemists, organic chemists, biotechnologists and biomedical researchers.
Immunological Evolution of Catalysis
Critical Analysis of Antibody Catalysis
Theoretical Studies of Antibody Catalysis
The Enterprise of Catalytic Antibodies: A Historical Perspective
Catalytic Antibodies in Natural Products synthesis
Structure and Function of Catalytic Antibodies
Antibody Catalysis of Disfavored Chemical Reactions
Screening Methods for Catalytic Antibodies
In vitro Evolution of Catalytic Antibodies and Other Proteins via Combinatorial Libraries
Medicinal Potential of Catalytic Antibodies
Reactive Immunization: A Unique Approch to Aldolase Antibodies
The Antibody-catalyzed Water Oxidation Pathway
Antibody-catalyzed Photochemical Reactions
Selectivity with Catalytic Antibodies -
What Can Be Achieved?
Catalytic Antibodies as Mechanistic and Structural Models of Hydrolytic Enzymes
Transition State Analogs -
Archetype Antigens for Catalytic Antibody Generation
Polyclonal Catalytic Antibodies
Production of Monoclonal Catalytic Antibodies: Principles and Practice
Natural Catalytic Antibodies -

With a Foreword by Richard Lerner (Scripps Institute)
"The book edited by Keinan provides an excellent overview of the state of the art in the field. ... The book is particulary attractive because the description of experimental results is generally put into a broader functional and mechanistic context. This approach has delievered a book that is a pleasure to read, not only for those who are quickly seeking specific and detailed information about antibody catalysis, but also for readers with a more general interest in biological catalysis and enzymology."

"... goes further by combining all aspects of this field within a single source and by providing an invaluable comparison on antibodies to enzymes."
Journal of the American Chemical Society