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Catalytic Processes for API Synthesis: From Laboratory to Industry

Catalytic Processes for API Synthesis: From Laboratory to Industry

Anthony J. Burke, Carolina Silva Marques, Nicholas Turner, Gesine Hermann

ISBN: 978-3-527-80726-0

Aug 2018

382 pages


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This timely reference presents the most effective catalytic reactions in use today, with a special focus on process intensification, sustainability, waste reduction and innovative methods.
The book demonstrates the importance of efficient catalytic transformations for producing pharmaceutically active molecules, discussing every key reaction and the most efficient catalytic processes, including their major advantages compared to previous methods, with a strong emphasis throughout on asymmetric catalytic reactions.
Of great interest to synthetic chemists working in the pharmaceutical industry, and for fine-chemical companies and other R&D researchers, as well as for chemists in academia.
Catalysis and Prerequisites for the Modern Pharmaceutial Industry Landscape
Catalytic Process Design - The Industrial Perspective
Hydrogenation, Hydroformylation and Other Reductions
Oxidation: Nobel Prize Chemistry Catalysis
Catalytic Addition Reactions
Catalytic Cross-Coupling Reactions - Nobel Prize Catalysis
Catalytic Metathesis Reactions - Nobel Prize Catalysis
Catalytic Cycloaddition Reactions: Coming Full-Circle
Catalytic Cyclopropanation Reactions
Catalytic C-H insertion Reactions
Phase Transfer Catalysis
Biocatalysis: Nobel Prize Catalysis