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Causation and Delay in Construction Disputes, 2nd Edition



Causation and Delay in Construction Disputes, 2nd Edition

Nicholas J. Carnell

ISBN: 978-0-470-75934-9 August 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 320 Pages


Building contract claims for more time on projects represent one of the largest sources of dispute within the industry. However, identifying the causes of delays, and the effects they have on the project, is often difficult and the burden on the party seeking to prove delay is a heavy one.

This book provides the construction professional with an analysis of how construction projects become delayed, the practical measures which can be taken to avoid such delays, and how the parties can protect their positions in the face of delays. It goes on to look at the requirements for producing a successful claim. It provides a straightforward guide to the legal issues, and also considers how the effects of delays can most practically be addressed.

The Second Edition takes account of new case law since 1999, and has new sections on adjudication, risk allocations and the Society of Construction Law Delay Protocol.

Very well received when it was first published, the book is aimed particularly at contractors, project managers and senior surveyors, but will also be of interest to construction lawyers.

Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; Time is money; Planning the project; During the works; Completion dates; Claim preparations – preliminary considerations; Legal considerations; Analysing the causes of delay; Presentation; Proceedings – arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution; Appendices; Notes; Table of Cases; Table of Statutes; Bibliography; Index.
‘There is a real need for a book that bridges the gap between technical construction knowledge and the law relating to construction – and this is it.’ – Paul Jensen, Arbitration

‘This book is splendid stuff…go and buy Carnell’s book.’ – Tony Bingham, Building

‘The author makes effective use of his excellent knowledge and experience in the field [and] provides a very clear insight into the practical requirements of delay claims.’ – Civil Engineering Surveyor

'A useful addition to the corporate library' - Building Engineer

'the author summarises delay analysis techniques in sufficient detail as to be comprehensible but also useful, without losing sight of the case law background which affects this crucial area of practice.' Construction Law, October 2005

* Most medium to large building projects will entail a claim for delay
* Causation and delay are widely misunderstood topics and many false claims are made in this area
* This book will assist effective preparation of claims
* New edition includes new sections on adjudication, risk allocation, the Delay and Disruption Protocol, and case law since 1999
* 'I have no hesitation in recommending this book' – Paul Jensen, Arbitration
* 'Splendid stuff … go and buy Carnell's book' – Tony Bingham, Building