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Celestial Dynamics: Chaoticity and Dynamics of Celestial Systems



Celestial Dynamics: Chaoticity and Dynamics of Celestial Systems

Rudolf Dvorak, Christoph Lhotka

ISBN: 978-3-527-65187-0 August 2013 320 Pages


Written by an internationally renowned expert author and researcher, this monograph fills the need for a book conveying the sophisticated tools needed to calculate exo-planet motion and interplanetary space flight. It is unique in considering the critical problems of dynamics and stability, making use of the software Mathematica, including supplements for practical use of the formulae.
A must-have for astronomers and applied mathematicians alike.
Introduction: The challenge of science
Hamiltonian mechanics
Numerical and Analytical tools
The stability problem
The two-body problem
The restricted three- body problem
The Sitnicov problem
Planetary problem
Lunar theory
Concluding remarks

“In summary, despite the omissions mentioned above, this book is an interesting addition to the subject because the presentation is systematic and self-contained, and it contains a valuable material that would be useful to postgraduate students interested in the field and also to some people working in celestial mechanics.”  (Zentralblatt MATH, 1 March 2014)