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Cell and Tissue Culture for Medical Research



Cell and Tissue Culture for Medical Research

Alan Doyle (Editor), J. Bryan Griffiths (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-84258-4 November 2000 468 Pages


Cell and tissue culture is a technique in which plant or animal cells are grown under controlled conditions in the laboratory. This is then used for the analysis of the cells themselves, the assessment of the cell's response to chemicals, or as a tool to produce cellular-derived protein products.

This book is a collection of fundamental and specific applied procedures in cell and tissue culture which form the basis of the new medical techniques of tissue engineering and gene therapy. It combines both detailed laboratory procedures and informative overviews.
* Provides step-by-step protocols with troubleshooting tips and notes on time considerations.
* Main procedures are supplemented by alternative procedures, background information and references.
* Experimental examples indicate expected results.
Basic Laboratory Set-Up and Procedures.

Specialized Techniques.

Cell Characterization and Analysis.

Cell Line Derivation Methods.

Modern Clinical Applications of Cultured Cells.


"it will be of great value to researchers who require practical guidance for application of cell culture, tissue engineering, and   gene therapy." (European Jnl of Orthodontics, Vol 23/1, 2001)

"...The book represents good value for the price and presents many insights..." (Cell Biology International, August 2002)