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Cellular Marketing

Cellular Marketing

Robert A. Steuernagel

ISBN: 978-0-471-29779-6 March 1998 184 Pages


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A complete guide to marketing cellular devices and services

Cellular Marketing is an all-encompassing guide to cellular sales. From product and pricing to strategy, marketing, and analysis, this book offers comprehensive guidance to help you improve your cellular product's outlook. The discussion compares the device sales to service sales, and includes an analysis of sales channels that includes direct and retail sales planning, support, lead generation, and campaigns. You'll learn how to develop a robust marketing strategy and comprehensive pricing structure while adopting useful metrics and putting measurement systems in place from the beginning.

Market and Product Definition.

The Marketing Organization.

The Strategic Plan and the Marketing Plan.


Sales Channels.

Advertising and Promotion.

Marketing Measurement.

Competitive Behavior and Analysis.

The Sales Process.

Cellular Sales Productivity.

The Limits to Growth.

Selling the Conversion to Digital.

Swords Into Plowshares: Cooperation and the Evolution of PCS.