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Cellular Microbiology: Bacteria-Host Interactions in Health and Disease



Cellular Microbiology: Bacteria-Host Interactions in Health and Disease

Brian Henderson, Michael Wilson, Rod McNab, Alistair J. Lax

ISBN: 978-0-471-98678-2 June 1999 478 Pages


Cellular Microbiology is a new area of microbiology research, bridging the gap between the disciplines of microbiology and cell biology. It is the study of the interaction between cells and microbes, especially mammalian or plant cells and bacteria.

Cellular Microbiology is an advanced textbook for students of microbiology and medical microbiology, presenting a comprehensive introduction to the current molecular and cellular biology of the interactions between bacteria and eukaryotic cells, and their relevance to human diseases.
* Covers an exciting new area of research and is an ideal introduction for the subject
* The only textbook to cover this rapidly-growing field of research
* Authored by well-renowned experts in the field
Bacteria adhesion.

Bacterial entry into cells.

Bacterial movement and survival in cells.

Bacterial-eukaryotic cell crosstalk.

Eukaryotic response to bacterial toxins.

Effect of eukaryotic cells on bacterial growth and metabolism.
"...a timely and extremely welcome textbook....", , , Trends in Microbiology, Volume 8, Number 2#