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Cellular Microbiology

Cellular Microbiology

Edited By:Thierry Soldati (Editor-in-Chief), Neil Gow, Sergio Grinstein, Elizabeth Hartland (Reviews Editor), Jacomine Krijnse Locker, Artur Scherf and Feng Shao Co-Founding Editors Philippe Sansonetti and Rich

Online ISSN: 1462-5822

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Cellular Microbiology aims to publish outstanding contributions to the understanding of interactions between microbes and eukaryotic cells and tissues in the context of pathogenic or symbiotic relationships, including the use of model hosts. Submission on cell biological aspects of microbes, such as their intracellular organization or the establishment and maintenance of their architecture are also encouraged. Contributions must provide mechanistic insights obtained through imaging, cellular, biochemical, structural or genetic approaches.