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Ceramic Armor and Armor Systems

Ceramic Armor and Armor Systems

Eugene Medvedovsk (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-40680-9

Apr 2012

188 pages



This volume includes the latest achievements in the area of ceramic armor systems including ceramic armor design and modeling, ceramic armor materials and composites development and manufacturing, physical properties and structures of armor ceramics, fracture mechanisms of armor ceramics and composites, and ballistic testing and performance of ceramic armor systems.

Proceedings of the symposium held at the 105th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 27-30, 2003, in Nashville, Tennessee; Ceramic Transactions, Volume 151.

Ceramic Armor Materials Development.

Lightweight Ballistic Structures Made of Ceramic and Cermet /Aramide Composites (R. Gadow and K. von Niessen).

Silicon Carbide-Based Ceramics for Ballistic Protection (E. Medvedovski).

Toughness-Hardness Trade-off in Advanced SiC Armor (M. Flinders, D. Ray, and R.A. Cutle)r.

Development of a Pressureless Sintered Silicon Carbide Monolith and
Special-Shaped Silicon Carbide Whisker Reinforced Silicon Carbide Matrix
Composite for Lightweight Armor Application (T.M. Lillo, H.S. Chu, D.W. Bailey, W.M. Harrison, and D.A. Laughton).

Design and Manufacturing B4C-SiC Layered Ceramics for Armor Applications (N. Orlovskaya, M. Lugovy, V. Subbotin, O. Rachenko, J. Adams, M. Chheda, J. Shih, J. Sankar, and S. Yarmolenko).

Improved Pressureless Densification of B4C (R.F. Speyer and H. Lee).

Spinel Armor ¿ Clearly the Way to Go (M.C.L. Patterson, A.A. DiGiovanni, D.W. Roy, and G. Gilde).

Fracture Mechanism of Armor Ceramics and Composites.

Controlled Explosive Indentation on Ceramics (D.K. Kim, J.H. Kim, Y.-G. Kim, C.-S. Lee, D.-T. Chung, C.W. Kim, J.H. Choi, and S.-N. Chang).

Evidence of Ductile (Alumina) and Brittle (Boron Carbide) Response
of Ceramics under Shock Wave Loading (E.B. Zaretsky, V.E. Paris, G.I. Kanel, and A.S. Savinykh).

Dynamic Failure and Fracture of the TiC-Steel Composite (E.B. Zaretsky, N. Frage, and M.P. Dariel).