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Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines

Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines

Jürgen G. Heinrich (Editor), Fritz Aldinger (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61277-2

Nov 2008

678 pages

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Several ceramic parts have already proven their suitability for serial application in automobile engines in very impressive ways, especially in Japan, the USA and in Germany. However, there is still a lack of economical quality assurance concepts. Recently, a new generation of ceramic components, for the use in energy, transportation and environment systems, has been developed. The efforts are more and more system oriented in this field. The only possibility to manage this complex issue in the future will be interdisciplinary cooperation. Chemists, physicists, material scientists, process engineers, mechanical engineers and engine manufacturers will have to cooperate in a more intensive way than ever before. The R&D activities are still concentrating on gas turbines and reciprocating engines, but also on brakes, bearings, fuel cells, batteries, filters, membranes, sensors and actuators as well as on shaping and cutting tools for low expense machining of ceramic components.
This book summarizes the scientific papers of the 7th International Symposium "Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines". Some of the most fascinating new applications of ceramic meterials in energy, transportation and environment systems are presented. The proceedings shall lead to new ideas for interdisciplinary activities in the future.
New Materials for Automotive Applications
Manufacturing Technologies
Material Testing and Physical Properties
Fatigue and Lifetime Assessment
Composites and Surface Technologies
"It is an excellent publication for those working in the ceramics area." (SAMPE Journal, November/December 2001)