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Change One Thing!: Make One Change and Embrace a Happier, More Successful You

Change One Thing!: Make One Change and Embrace a Happier, More Successful You

Sue Hadfield

ISBN: 978-0-857-08458-3

Dec 2013, Capstone

184 pages



A self-help manual on creating reasonable, achievable improvement in your life

In our attempts to overachieve, many people find themselves frustrated because they cannot relish in their own successes. Though these professionals may reach their goals of job titles and financial stability, they often sacrifice their personal and family lives and discover deep dissatisfaction. In Change One Thing!, self-help author Sue Hadfield outlines the necessary steps to address the disillusionment that has become a common problem in our work-driven society. While whirlwind change can be overwhelming and unrealistic for a modern worker with a family and responsibilities, Hadfield asserts that a determined person can bring about an impactful change in his life by simply altering one aspect of it.

  • Teaches readers to avoid emotions of hopelessness and panic associated with changing too many aspects at once
  • Details a step-by-step plan to make a meaningful change
  • Shares real-life examples of people who successfully altered their lives

Those who recognize that professional success is less fulfilling than other facets of their lives will find comfort and guidance in Change One Thing! as they embark on missions to improve their lives.

1 Motivation

You have your whole life ahead of you Page 7

2 Identification

Know yourself and what you want Page 25

3 Recognition

The need for purpose and meaning Page 45

4 Procrastination

What’s stopping you? Page 71

5 Inspiration

What do other people do? Page 93

6 Preparation

What can you do if you can’t act now? Page 119

7 Implementation

Finding the time Page 137

8 Determination

Over to you Page 163