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Changing Yourself and Your Reputation

Changing Yourself and Your Reputation

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Talula Cartwright

ISBN: 978-1-118-15505-9

Jul 2011, Pfeiffer

28 pages


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This book offers help in making changes--and in getting people to notice them. Changing is hard work. One part of that work is the change itself. You must decide to change and then make the change happen. That in itself is a big accomplishment. But what if you're doing all that work and making significant changes--and no one notices? It can be very discouraging! But take heart! This book shows you how to move on with the second part of the work, the follow-through: getting people to notice that you are changing.
7 A Two-Part Process

8 The Challenge of Personal Change

10 The Challenge of Conflicting Commitments

11 Making Changes

13 Perception Is Everything

14 How to Get Noticed

23 Reaching Out

24 Suggested Readings

25 Background

25 Key Point Summary