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Changing by Design: A Practical Approach to Leading Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations



Changing by Design: A Practical Approach to Leading Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations

Douglas C. Eadie

ISBN: 978-0-787-90824-9 May 1997 Jossey-Bass 227 Pages


Change is an ever-present and powerful force in today's fast-pacedworld. To keep an organization clearly focused on fulfilling itsmission, nonprofit leaders must develop specific, strategicinitiatives to meet the challenges of a constantly evolvingenvironment.

Changing by Design offers a proactive approach to both designingand implementing change initiatives within nonprofit organizations.By addressing three key areas?coordinated leadership on the part ofthe chief executive and the board, creative innovation in decidingwhat needs to change and how to change it, and effectiveimplementation of new ideas and programs, this book presents abalanced, comprehensive model for successfully managing change intoday's nonprofit.

Illustrated by real-life case studies, Changing by Design shows howto:

* Design and manage a change plan?from initial analysis throughimplementation
* Partner effectively with the board in leading change
* Encourage and unleash creativity and innovation in developingchange initiatives
* Effectively involve staff in designing and implementing change
* Protect change initiatives from becoming sidetracked byday-to-day pressures
* Recognize and deal with barriers to change
To successfully fulfill its mission and remain relevant to theworld around it, an organization must not only be ready and able toadapt to change but must also develop a culture where change isused as a strategic, creative tool for growth. Changing by Designprovides the innovative change management approach that willprepare any nonprofit organization to both maintain and expand itscapacity to address the serious economic and social issues facingtoday's turbulent world.

The Author.

The Change Challenge for Nonprofits.

Building the Capacity for Innovation.

Strengthening Cheif Executive Leadership.

Building Boards That Lead.

Nurturing Creative Capacity in Nonprofits.

Strategic Management as an Engine for Innovation.

Applying Strategic Management to Produce Change.

Implementing Change Initiatives.

Making Innovation Work.
"Doug Eadie's Changing By Design is an impressive achievement. Not only does it make for fascinating reading, it can be put to practical use in producing significant innovation in any nonprofit organization, including associations. Changing By Design will become an indispensable tool for nonprofit leaders and managers, and I will recommAnd it to colleagues with enthusiasm." —R. Williams Taylor, CAE, President, American Society of Association Executives

"In this turbulent age, Changing By Design offers a refreshing vision and practical guide for nonprofit organizations to concentrate their leadership talents and creative energies to become truly dynamic 'engines of innovation.'" —Paul J. Greeley, Jr., CAE, President, American Chamber of Commerce Executives

"What a masterful blAnding of theory and practice! Doug Eadie has not only made a significant contribution to the field of nonprofit leadership, he has also provided nonprofit practitioners with down-to-earth guidance that they can put to immediate use in helping their organizations take command of change. Doug's book should be in every nonprofit leader's resource library." —Professor Benjamin Hodes, Ph.D., Dean, Division of Continuing Education, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Eadie has provided a fresh new approach to change management. His book will be a very useful tool in the education of nonprofit leaders, both in university and practice settings." —Professor Richard R. Edwards, Ph. D., Dean, School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"The most striking feature, among many, of Douglas Eadie's Changing By Design is the prominience he accords humility among the most necessary traits of a successful chief executive. After nearly a quarter-century's management experience in the not-for-profit sector, I am indebted to Doug for his emphasis upon this all-too-often overlooked imperative for truly effective leadership." —Timothy D. Armbruster, President and CEO, Baltimore Community Foundation and Morris Goldseker Foundation of Maryland

"Doug Eadie has built on his own experience in hundreds of board retreats to put much of his unique knowledge of planning and leadership of nonprofit organizations into this 'how-to' book. For a nonprofit board which is ready to make changes, this resource is as handy as a road map for a driver." —Professor David A. Luhrsen, Ph. D., Dean, Rinker School of Business, Palm Beach Atlantic College

"In a time of unparalleled change for management, Doug Eadie continues to be a pathfinder whose writing helps us all see a clear vision of what our trail is and how we can achieve it. I recommAnd that Doug be a partner in change just as we have used him in our associations." —Paul C. Pritchard, President and CEO, National parks and Conservation Association

"A very readable and insightful look at a subject often overlooked in the discussion of leadership and change. The nonprofit chief executive ought to make Eadie's book required reading if he or she is contemplating innovation in the evolving organization. A valuable resource for anyone thinking about getting involved in the field of nonprofit management and the leadership of tomorrow." —Thomas Urban, Executive Director, Professional Development and Regulatory Programs, American Public Transit Association

"In Changing By Design, the aspiring or practicing nonprofit chief executive is convinced of the insight Douglas Eadie has acquired regarding the difficult challenges of leadership. Moreover, the discussion of the 3CAP approach to the management of change, focusing on the capacities to lead, innovate, and implement, is instructive and reassuring to those who envision more productive organizations. Douglas Eadie inspires and prompts the imagination of chief executives who are willing to risk going about the important work of improving their organizations by taking conscious command of the change process." —Peter P. Horschak, Ed. D., SuperintAndent, Albuquerque Public Schools, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Doug Eadie has the courage to take us where others 'fear to tread.' In addition to a sound and workable approach to managing organizational change, he also gives appropriate attention to the importance of the spiritual journey of the executive as the 'leader in charge of change.'" —Kenneth McLaughlin, President and CEO, Greater Cleveland YMCA