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Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2014

Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2014

John S. Carpenter (Editor), Chengguang Bai (Editor), Jiann-Yang Hwang (Editor), Shadia Ikhmayies (Editor), Bowen Li (Editor), Sergio Neves Monteiro (Editor), Zhiwei Peng (Editor), Mingming Zhang (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-88805-6

Feb 2014

600 pages


This collection focuses on the characterization of minerals, metals, and materials as well as the application of characterization results on the processing of these materials. Focused sessions within the symposia include those centered on ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, soft materials, ceramics, clays, composites, and minerals. In addition, sessions will focus exclusively on characterization concerns in the extraction, processing, and environmental application of materials. Finally, method development in characterization will be explored.

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Characterization of Ceramics and Clays

FTIR and Raman Spectroscopic Investigation on the Structure of CaO-SiO2-TiO2 Ternary Slags 3
L. Wang, L. Wen, J. Tu, S. Zhang, and C. Bai

Characterization of Heavy Clay Ceramic Mixed with Red Mud Waste 11
C. Vieira, M. Babisk, U. da Silva Prado, and S. Monteiro

High-temperature Exposure of Oil Well Cements 17
B. Iverson, B. Waugh, and J. Maxson

Determination of Temperature and Time Calcination of Clays for Production of Metakaolin Based on Pozzolanic Activity 25
J. Alexandre, G. Xavier, A. Azevedo, S. Monteiro, and C. Vieira

PBT/Brazilian Clay Nanocomposites Prepared by Melt Intercalation: Effects of Organophilic Clay Content and Ionizing Radiation Treatment 33
M. Sartori, M. Ferreira, F. Díaz, V. Rangari, S. Jeelani, and E. Moura

Modification of Si3N4-SiC Heat Absorption Ceramic Material Using for Tower Type Solar Thermal Power Plant 45
M. Liu, X. Xu, J. Wu, G. Xu, G. Xue, and J. Liu

Microstructural and Electrical Properties of 0.5 mol% Al2O3-0.1 mol% B2O3-doped ZnO Ceramics 55
B. Yüksel and G. Hardal

Characterization of Composites

A Kinetic Analysis of a Thermal Curing Reaction of a Silicon Resin in Solid State 65
F. Vivier, D. Santamaria, D. Pellerej, P. Buonfico, and M. Sangermano

Halogen Free Flame Retardant for ABS Composite with Oxide Nanoparticles 73
P. Martins, T. Valera, J. Bartoli, and J. Tenorio

Investigation on the Thermal Conductivity of Resin Composite Materials 81
K. Monden

Polypropylene Nanocomposites Reinforced with Organophilic Clay and Brazilian Nut Fibers 89
L. da Rocha-Gomes, D. Fermino, E. Moura, M. Valenzuela, and F. Valenzuela-Diaz

Interfacial Evolution of Al/Cu Laminated Composite Produced by Asymmetrical Roll Bonding and Annealing 97
X. Li, G. Zu, and P. Wang

Characterization of Environmental Materials

Subsurface De-alloying during SCW Exposure 105
J. Li, Y. Zeng, O. Woo, W. Zheng, P. Liu, and C. Bibby

Characterization of Clay Brick Incorporated with Ash from the Incineration of Urban Garbage 113
N. Coutinho, S. Monteiro, and C. Vieira

Concrete of Steel Slag Composite for Paved Road and Its Hydration Microstructure 121
H. Fang, J. Hwang, G. Xue, L. Lu, and Y. Liu

Method for Removal of Mercury from Oil Field Brine with Calcium Carbonate Co-precipitation 131
F. Fazlollahi, M. Zarei, M. Habashi, and L. Baxter

Optical Parameters of Thermally Evaporated CdTe Thin Films 139
S. Ikhmayies

Obtaining the Polystyrene-bentonite Nanocomposite as a Method for Polystyrene Recycling 147
M. Machado, H. Wiebeck, F. Valenzuela-Diaz, M. Valenzuela, and V. Justo

Modified Hydrotalcites as Desulfurization Adsorbents: Preparation, Characterization, and Performance Test 157
A. Gomes, M. Mozumder, D. Cocke, T. Benson, H. McWhinney, and T. Grady

Thermal Analysis and Characterization of Elephant Grass Ash (Pennisetum Purupureums Shaum) Incorporated into Clay Matrix 165
R. Faria Jr., A. Silva, R. Toledo, S. Monteiro, and C. Vieira

Characterization of High-arsenic Sludge in Copper Metallurgy Plant 173
X. Zhu, X. Qi, H. Wang, Y. Shi, T. Liao, Y. Li, C. Liu, and X. Wang

Characterization of Ferrous Metals

In-Situ EBSD Investigation of Carbides during Annealing of AISI M42 Steel 187
M. Godec, B. Bati, and T. Pirtovsek

Effects of Heat Treatment on Transverse and Longitudinal Mechanical Properties of Engineering Machinery Steel WQ960 191
S. Tao, F. Wang, G. Sun, C. Li, and Q. Yan

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Characterization of Power Plant Steel 199
M. El Rayes, E. El-Danaf, and A. Almajid

Study on Modification of Anti-oxidation Coating for Steel Billet 209
H. Chen, H. Gu, K. Lei, X. Chen, M. He, and G. Xue

Method Development in Characterization

Experimental Estimation of J Integral from Load-front Face Displacement Record for Compact Tension Specimens 219
K. Shi, L. Cai, Y. Hu, and D. Salmon

Structure Characterization of Sn-based and Ce-based Alloys Treated by Ultrafast Scanning 227
B. Zhao, L. Li, Q. Zhai, and Y. Gao

Anisotropic Finite Element Modeling of the Fused Deposition Modeling Process 235
S. Ogden and S. Kessler

Characterization of Material Processing

Characterization of Particle Damage and Surface Exposure of a Copper Ore Processed by Jaw Crusher, HPGR and Electro-dynamic Fragmentation 247
O. Gomes, D. de Oliveira, L. Sobral, and E. Pirard

Effect of Friction Stir Welding Speed and Post Weld Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Hardness of AA7020 253
M. Ahmed, E. Ahmed, and A. Mahdy

Study on Reactivity between Mould Fluxes and High-Al Molten Steel 265
T. Wu, S. He, Y. Guo, and Q. Wang

Grinding Kinetics of Vanadium-titanium Magnetite Concentrate in a Ball Mill 271
R. Zhang, X. Lv, C. Ji, and X. Zheng

Arc Welding of Advanced High Strength Steels for Car-body Components 277
P. Spena, F. D'Aiuto, P. Matteis, and G. Scavino

Forging Hot and Cold: Development through the Ages 285
H. McQueen and E. Evangelista

Load Carrying Capacity and Microstructure of Resistance Spot Welded Dual-phase (DP600) Steel 297
S. Ataya

Optimization on Refining Slag and Tapping Deoxidation System for Carbon Structure Steel without Calcium Treatment 305
S. Zhao, Q. Wang, G. Chen, S. He, and M. Peng

Characterization in Material Extraction

Effects of Iron and Manganese Ions on Potentiostatic Current Transients for Copper Electrodeposition 315
A. Chen, J. Hwang, Z. Peng, Y. Ma, X. Liu, and X. Chen

Determination of Leaching Reaction Mechanism of Synthetic CaMoO4 in H2C2O4 Solutions 325
S. Ilhan, A. Kalpakli, and I. Yusufoglu

Effect of V2O3 and TiO2 on the Dissolution of Lime in FeO-SiO2-V2O3-TiO2 Slag 335
R. Tang, Y. Wang, S. Wang, B. Xie, and J. Diao

Characterization of Wastes Generated during Stainless Steel Production 343
X. Liu, J. Zhang, Q. Xiao, and Q. Li

Investigation of Reaction Stoichiometry of Leaching of Synthetic CaWO4 in H2C2O4 Solutions 351
A. Kalpakli, S. Ilhan, and I. Yusufoglu

Study on Extraction of Titanium from Titanium-bearing Blast Furnace Slags 361
Q. Xiao, J. Zhang, Y. Feng, and Q. Li

Characterization of Minerals

Microwave Permittivity, Permeability, and Penetration Depth of Pyrite 371
Z. Peng, J. Hwang, B. Kim, J. Kim, and X. Wang

Characterization of Waste from Ornamental Stones for Use in Mortar 379
A. Azevedo, J. Alexandre, G. Xavier, S. Monteiro, and C. Vieira

Titanomagnetite Properties and Microstructures 387
X. Liu, W. Schoenthal, T. Cox, A. Wise, D. Laughlin, and M. McHenry

Characterization of Clays Using for Formulations of Detergents 395
M. da Silva-Valenzuela, F. de Souza Carvalho, and F. Valenzuela-Diaz

Differential Characterization of Ikperejere Iron Shale and Iron Sandstone 401
O. Martin, O. Gerald, O. Kelechi, and B. Li

A New Process of Fluosilicic Acid Leaching for Recovering Bismuth from Materials Containing Bismuth Oxide 413
C. Zhang, X. Zhang, and J. Zhan

Fundamental Research on the Characteristics of Sierra Leone Iron Ore for Sintering 425
J. Dong, G. Wang, M. Zuo, H. Li, and Q. Xue

Characterization of Soft Materials I

Flexural Mechanical Characterization of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Continuous Banana Fibers 435
F. de Assis, F. Margem, R. Loiola, and S. Monteiro

Thermal Characterization of Epoxy Matrix Reinforced with Buriti Fibers by the Photoacoustic Technique 441
G. Altoe, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Faria Jr., and T. Cordeiro

Characterization of Thermal Properties of Polyester Matrix Reinforced with Sisal Fibers by Photoacoustic Technique 449
A. Pereira, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Faria Jr., and T. Cordeiro

Characterization of Thermal Properties of Curaua Fibers Incorporated in Epoxy Matrix by Photothermal and Photoacoustic Techniques 457
N. Simonassi, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Faria Jr., and T. Cordeiro

Bending Tests in Polyester Composites Reinforced with Bamboo Fibers of the Specimen Dendrocalmus Giganteus 465
L. Martins, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Loyola, and J. Margem

Characterization of Soft Materials II

Comparison between Bio-composite Based on Green HDPE/Brazil Nut Shell Fiber (BNSF) Treated and Non Treated by Electron-beam Radiation 475
R. Campos, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, F. Diaz, E. Moura, and E. Seo

Dynamic-mechanical Behaviour of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Jute Fiber 483
I. da Silva, A. Bevitori, C. de Oliveira, F. Margem, and S. Monteiro

Investigation on Mechanical and Morphological Behaviours of Copolyester/Starch Blend Reinforced with Rice Husk Ash 491
E. de Oliveira, V. Silva, R. Oliveira, A. Teran, A. Castillo, J. Harada, F. Diaz, and E. Moura

Charpy Toughness Behavior of Continuous Banana Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Matrix Composites 499
F. Assis, S. Monteiro, F. Margem, and R. Loiola

Thermal Photoacoustic Characterization of Polyester Composites Reinforced Ramie Fibers 507
C. de Oliveira, A. Bevitori, I. da Silva, F. Margem, G. Altoe, R. Faria Jr., T. Cordeiro, and S. Monteiro

Weibull Analysis of the Density of Ramie Fibers with Different Diameters 515
A. Bevitori, I. da Silva, C. de Oliveira, F. Margem, and S. Monteiro

Poster Session

Brazilian Bentonite Submitted to Mild Acid Treatment 525
C. Andrade, V. Justo, F. Mondelo, M. Valenzuela, C. Volzone, and F. Valenzuela-Diaz

Characterization of Different Clays for the Manufacture of Artifacts Ceramic Red 533
J. Alexandre, A. Azevedo, E. Zanelato, G. Xavier, S. Monteiro, and C. Vieira

Characterization of Laterite Nickel Ore 541
T. Li, X. Chen, B. Zhang, and X. Hong

Characterization of Sisal Fibers Thermal Properties by Photoacoustic Technique 549
A. Pereira, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Faria Jr., and T. Cordeiro

Friction Stir Welding of Polycarbonate Sheets 555
M. Shazly, M. Ahmed, and M. El-Raey

In-Situ High Temperature X-ray Analysis of a Supermartensitic Stainless Steel 565
T. dos Santos, A. Rocha, R. de Carvalho, and V. Buono

Izod Impact Resistance of Jute Fiber Reinforced Polyester Matrix 573
I. da Silva, A. Bevitori, C. de Oliveira, F. Margem, and S. Monteiro

Izod Impact Tests of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Bamboo Fibers of the Specimen Dendrocalmus Giganteus 581
L. Martins, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Loyola, and J. Margem

Obtaining Nanocapsules from PHBEG/MMT Composite 589
M. da Silva-Valenzuela, C. Matos, I. Sayeg, A. Moreira, H. Wiebeck, F. Valenzuela-Díaz, and W. Hui

Photoacoustic Characterization of Polyester Matrix Reinforced with Curaua Fibers 595
N. Simonassi, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Faria Jr., and T. Cordeiro

Photoacoustic Thermal Characterization of Buriti Fibers 603
G. Altoe, F. Margem, S. Monteiro, R. Faria Jr., and T. Cordeiro

Preparation and Characterization of Polypropylene Nanocomposites with Organoclay and Discarded Bond 611
D. Fermino, M. Valenzuela, E. Moura, D. Parra, and F. Diaz

Research on Preparation and Properties of Inorganic Gelling Materials for Sand Fixation 619
M. He, J. Li, G. Xue, and F. Hao

Synthesis and Characterization of Ammonium Jarosite with Arsenic 627
F. Patino, M. Flores, I. Reyes, J. Mendez, M. Reyes, I. Mireles, and J. Hernandez

The Grain Growth Kinetics of 0.5 mol% B2O3-1 mol% TiO2-doped ZnO Ceramics 637
G. Hardal and B. Yüksel

Thermal Decomposition Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics of Ammonium Paratungstate Tetrahydrate 645
A. Eser, C. Kahruman, and I. Yusufoglu

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