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Characterization of Pharmaceutical Nano- and Microsystems

Characterization of Pharmaceutical Nano- and Microsystems

Leena Peltonen, Dennis Douroumis, Alfred Fahr, Jürgen Siepmann, Martin J. Snowden, Vladimir Torchilin

ISBN: 978-1-119-41402-5

Jun 2019

380 pages

Select type: E-Book


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In order to achieve proper functioning of particulate drug delivery systems, it is important to know their basic physicochemical characteristics and material properties. This book provides a comprehensive summary of analytical techniques used to characterize particulate drug systems on the micro- and nanoscale. After an introduction to the analytical tools applied to determine particle size, shape and morphology, the book describes common chemical analysis approaches as well as solid state characterization of such systems. Further sections of the book deal with drug release and permeation studies and the interaction of drug particles with cells, their toxicity and safety issues. 

Part I - Particle size, size distribution, shape and morphology

1. Particle sizing of micro- and nanoparticles

2. Microscopy characterisation of micro- and nanosystems

3. Particle shape - important factor in drug delivery    

4. Particle size, shape and porosity effect on bioavailability of small particles


Part II - Chemical analysis and solid state characterization

5. HPLC analysis for chemical stability and degradation analysis of drugs    

6. Surface properties tailoring and particle characterization

7. Spectroscopic techniques in physical state analysis

8. Thermal methods for physical state characterization

9. Potential of X-ray analysis for nano-and microparticle studies

10. Miniaturized chemical drug analysis on a single microfluidic chip


Part III - Drug release and permeation studies

11. Dissolution studies from single particle systems    

12. Dissolution and permeation testing of nano- and microparticulate systems    

13. Solubility of nanoparticles, importance of saturation solubility and its maintenance in nanoparticulate systems

14. Biorelevant dissolution testing of nanosystems


Part IV - Cell interactions, toxicity and safety issues

15. Biophysics and biomechanics of the interactions between nanoparticles and cell membrane lipids and the role of critical interaction in cellular uptake and intracellular trafficking of nanoparticles and their biodistribution in vivo

16. Cytotoxicity testing of nano – and microparticles

17. Nanotoxicity and nanosafety issues


Part V – Data Analysis

18. Data analysis, principal component analysis