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Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

Bruce M. Kamich

ISBN: 978-0-470-88527-7 May 2010 208 Pages




The Bloomberg Market Essentials: Technical Analysis series covers the key elements of the most widely used technical analysis tools. Using these fast-track resources, traders can come up to speed quickly on each method—what it is, how it works, and how to use it.

The third book in this series, Chart Patterns, gives traders the first step toward applying one of the oldest and most widely used tools in the market. Flags, head-and-shoulders patterns, double bottoms, and more are detailed to help the trader know when a breakout is coming or when a trend is continuing.

Bruce Kamich is a highly respected voice in the technical analysis community, coauthoring the widely read Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Daily Technical Market Letter publication.


1 Why Study Patterns?

2 The Past: 1910-1960.

3 The Present.

4 Major Tops.

5 Major Bottoms.

6 Triangles, Boxes, and Rectangles.

7 Flags.

8 Pennants.

9 Wedges.

10 Odds and Sods.

11 Keep Your Seat Belts Fastened: Reversals Ahead.

12 Gaps.

13 The Future of Chart Patterns.