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Chemical Biology: A Practical Course



Chemical Biology: A Practical Course

Herbert Waldmann, Petra Janning

ISBN: 978-3-527-30778-4 August 2004 230 Pages


Take your first steps in combinatorial synthesis or synthesize bioactive molecules such as antibiotics. Search for mutations in DNA using chemical probes or perform a proteome analysis in yeast.
The present selection of 12 inspiring experiments is tailored for maximum learning effect at minimal expense of time and equipment. Almost all currently used laboratory techniques in synthesis and analysis of bioactive compounds are represented at least once.
Abundant practical hints are complemented by a thorough treatment of the underlying theory and mechanisms.
DNA-Synthesis and DNA-Hybridization
Doubly Labeled Peptide Nucleic Acids as Probes for the Detection of DNA Point Mutations
Synthesis and Characterization of a Covalent Oligonucleotide-Streptavidin Conjugate for DNA-directed Immobilization
Solid Phase Synthesis of Peptides: Bradykinin Analogs and the Evaluation of Calcium Mobilization in PC-12 Cells
In silico Protein Ligand Design
Lipidation of Proteins and Peptides -
Farnesylation of the Ras protein
Insertion of Lipidated Peptides in Model Membranes
Isolation of Potato Phosphorylase and Enzymatic Synthesis of Amylose
Proteome Analysis -
Identification of Proteins Isolated from Yeast
Lectins -
Determination of the Sugar Specificity of Jacalin by a Sugar-Lectin Binding Assay
Combinatorial Chemistry -
Ugi-Synthesis, Genetic Algorithm, and Determination of Enzyme Inhibition
Solid-phase Synthesis of an Antibiotic
Glossary of Terms
"... an exciting and lively book that takes students to the point where they can start to become effective researchers..."
Chemistry World

"... a practical, valuable book for faculty since virtually no textbooks exist...will be useful even to those who are not planning laboratory courses."

"... a well-written book containing relevant experimental detail and background information ... a useful addition to many libraries."
Applied Organometallic Chemistry
  • This is the very first book on a practical course in chemical biology!
  • The book covers the hot topics in chemical biology/bioorganic chemistry.
  • Each experiment is well described with a thorough yet easily comprehensible introduction, an explanation of the theoretical background as well as practical advice for carrying out the experiments.
  • Each experiment has been carefully tested and optimized in the teaching laboratory of the authors.
  • The authors have years of experience in teaching practical courses in bioorganic chemistry and chemical biology.
  • Abundant practical hints are complemented by a thorough treatment of the underlying theory and mechanisms.