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Chemical Catalysts for Biomass Upgrading

Chemical Catalysts for Biomass Upgrading

Mark Crocker, Eduardo Santillan-Jimenez

ISBN: 978-3-527-81480-0

Feb 2020

244 pages

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Focussing on innovative catalysts and catalytic processes, this book provides the reader with deep insights in biomass upgrading of the most important biomass types. Topics like hydrodeoxygenation, catalytic cracking, depolymerizaton and more are presented in this reference.

Upgrading of biomass via catalytic pyrolysis
Upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapor
Upgrading of bio-oil via hydrodeoxygenation
Upgrading of bio-oil via fluid catalytic cracking
Stabilization of bio-oil via esterification
Upgrading of holocellulose-derived C5 and C6 sugars
Downstream processing of biomass-derived oxygenates via condensation reactions
Downstream conversion of biomass-derived oxygenates to fine chemicals
Conversion of lignin to value-added chemicals via oxidative depolymerization
Upgrading of lignin to fuels and chemicals via reductive depolymerization
Conversion of lipids to biodiesel via esterification/transesterification
Upgrading of lipids to hydrocarbon fuels via hydrodeoxygenation
Upgrading of lipids to fuel-like hydrocarbons or terminal olefins via decarboxylation/decarbonylation
Conversion of terpenes to fine chemicals
Conversion of chitin to nitrogenous chemicals