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Chemical Dynamics at Low Temperatures

Chemical Dynamics at Low Temperatures

Victor A. Benderskii, Dmitrii E. Makarov, Charles A. Wight

ISBN: 978-0-470-14200-4

Sep 2009

400 pages



The first unified treatment of experimental and theoretical advances in low-temperature chemistry Chemical Dynamics at Low Temperatures is a landmark publication. For the first time, the cumulative results of twenty years of experimental and theoretical research into low-temperature chemistry have been collected and presented in a unified treatment. The result is a text/reference that both offers an overview of the subject and contains sufficient detail to guide practicing researchers toward fertile ground for future research. Topics covered include:
* Developmental history
* Formulation of general problems and the main approximations used to solve them
* Specific features of tunneling chemical dynamics
* One-dimensional tunneling in the path integral formalism
* Special problems of two- and multidimensional tunneling
* An extended presentation of pertinent experimental results
From Thermal Activation to Tunneling.

One-Dimensional Models.

Two-Dimensional Tunneling.

Chemical Dynamics in the Presence of a Heat Bath.

Hydrogen Transfer.

Tunneling Rotation.

Vibration--Rotation Tunneling Spectroscopy of Molecules and Dimers.

Heavy Particle Transfer.