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Chemical Engineering: Trends and Developments

Miguel A. Galan (Editor), Eva Martin del Valle (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-02498-0 July 2005 400 Pages


Unlike extensive major reference works or handbooks, Chemical Engineering: Trends and Developments provides readers with a ready-reference to latest techniques in selected areas of chemical engineering where research is and will be focused in the future. These areas are: bioseparations; particle science and design; nanotechnology; and reaction engineering. The aim of the book is to provide academic and R&D researchers with an overview of the main areas of technical development and how these techniques can be applied. Each chapter focuses on a technique, plus a selection of applications or examples of where the technique could be applied.

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List of Contributors.


1. The Art and Science of Upscaling (Pedro E. Arce, Michel Quintard and Stephen Whitaker).

2. Solubility of Gases in Polymeric Membranes (M. Giacinti Baschetti, M. G. De Angelis, F. Doghieri, G. C. Sarti).

3. Small Peptide Ligands for Affinity Separations of Biological Molecules (Guangquan Wang, Jeffrey R. Salm, Patrick V. Gurgel and Ruben G. Carbonell).

4. Bioprocess Scale-up: SMB as a promising technique for industrial separations using IMA (E.M. Del Valle, R. Gutierrez and M.A. Galan)

5. Opportunities in catalytic reaction engineering. Examples of heterogeneous catalysis in water remediation and preferential CO oxidation (J. Levec).

6. Design and analysis of homogeneous and heterogeneous photoreactors (A.E. Cassano and O.M. Alfano).

7.  Development of nano-structured micro-porous materials and their application in bioprocess - chemical process intensification and tissue engineering (G. Akay,  M.A. Bokhari, V.J. Byron, and M. Dogru).

8. The encapsulation art: scale-up and applications (M.A. Galán, C.A. Ruiz and E.M. Del Valle).

9. Continuous processes for fine coatings and membranes (Skip Scriven).

10. Langmuir-blodgett films: a window to nanotechnology (M.E. Diaz and R. Cerro).

11.  Advances in process integration and supply change management (Ignacio Grossman).

12. Integration of Process Systems Engineering and Business Decision Making Tools: Financial Risk Management and Other Emerging Procedures (Miguel Bagajewicz).


"…a good resource for researchers, scientists, and engineers…would also serve well as a text for graduate students…" (Materials and Manufacturing Processes, September/October 2006)

"…a book like this is…refreshing because it allows an interested reader to take a casual stroll on the beach and collect shells--hopefully picking up a few that spark innovation." (The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, October 2006)