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Chemical Engineering Dynamics: Modelling with PC Simulation

Chemical Engineering Dynamics: Modelling with PC Simulation

John Ingham, Irving J. Dunn, Elmar Heinzle, Jiri E. Prenosil

ISBN: 978-3-527-61601-5

Dec 2007

721 pages

Select type: O-Book


In this book, the reader is guided through the complex study of dynamic chemical engineering systems by the unique combination of a simplified presentation of the fundamental theory (Part 1) and direct hands-on computer experimentation with the provision of 85 accompanying computer-based simulation examples (Part 2) supplied on diskette.

The ISIM digital simulation language is very simple to use and its powerful interactive nature enables the readers to create their own simulations, based on their own specific problems. This powerful dynamic ISIM software is ready to run on any DOS personal computer.

The treatment employed in this book is well tried and tested, based on over 20 years experience in teaching an international post- experience course. Whether for the teacher, the student, the chemist or engineer, this book serves as the key to a greater understanding of chemical engineering dynamics through the fun and enjoyment of active learning.
From the Contents:
Part 1: Chemical Engineering Dynamics
Basic Concepts
Modelling Fundamentals
The Formulation of Dynamic Models
Signal and Process Dynamics
Modelling of Stirred-Tank Reactors
The Batch Reactor
The Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor
Modelling of Stagewise Mass Transfer Processes
Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Diffusion and Conduction
Unsteady State Heat Conduction
Tubular Chemical Reactors
Differential Contacting Devices
Simplified Model Representation

Part 2: Dynamic Simulation Examples and the ISIM Simulation
Simulation Examples Using ISIM