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Chemical Hardness: Applications from Molecules to Solids

Chemical Hardness: Applications from Molecules to Solids

Ralph G. Pearson

ISBN: 978-3-527-60617-7

Dec 2005

210 pages

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Chemical Hardness is one of the highly useful concepts which enable chemists to understand reactivities without reference to large supercomputers and databases. Originally developed as an intuitive, qualitative concept, it is today firmly based on and justifed by quantum chemistry.

This book explains the history, applications and theoretical foundations of "chemical hardness". Written by R. G. Pearson, the originator of the concept, it is a clear and well-written account of the consequences that can be derived from "hardness". It also shows the links to quantum chemistry and especially density functional theory which have provided a theoretical basis for and at the same time have extended the range of applications of "chemical hardness".

An excellent and highly readable source of information for every chemist!
Historical Introduction - the HSAB Principle
Density Functional Theory -
Hardness Defined exactly
Applications to Chemistry -
Bond Energies
The Principle of Maximum Hardness
The Solid State and Physical Hardness
'Die zahlreichen Abbildungen, 62 Tabellen, über 350 Literaturhinweise und die sachlich klare Ausdrucksweise machen dieses Buch zu einer für Lehrende, Studierende und Forscher gleichermaßen wertvollen Lektüre. Es ist eine wahre Fundgrube für zahlreiche Daten und deren beispielhafte Anwendung bei der Lösung chemischer Probleme.'
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