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Chemical Micro Process Engineering: Processing and Plants

Chemical Micro Process Engineering: Processing and Plants

Volker Hessel, Holger Löwe, Andreas M¿ller, Gunther Kolb

ISBN: 978-3-527-60627-6

Mar 2006

681 pages



Micro process engineering is approaching both academia and industry. With the provision of micro devices, systems and whole plants by commercial suppliers, one main barrier for using these units has been eliminated.
This book focuses on processes and their plants rather than on devices: what is 'before', 'behind' and 'around' micro device fabrication - and gives a comprehensive and detailed overview on the micro-reactor plants and three topic-class applications which are mixing, fuel processing, and catalyst screening. Thus, the book reflects the current level of development from 'micro-reactor design' to 'micro-reactor process design'.
Mixing in Micro Spaces -
Drivers, Principles, Designs and Uses
Passive Mixing
- T-piece Mixing
- Multi-laminating Mixing
- Split-and-recombine Mixing
- Dean Mixing
- Chaotic Flow Mixing by Patterned Grooves
- Barrier-embedded Mixing
- Coanda-effect Mixing
- Recycle-flow Mixing
- Impinging-jet Mixing
Active Mixing
- Electrohydrodynamic Mixing
- Magnetohydrodynamic Mixing
- Ultrasonic Mixing
- Acoustic Microstreaming Mixing
Outline and Definitions
Design Concepts of Micro Structured Reactors for Fuel Processing
Micro Structured Test Reactors for Fuel Processing
Combustion in Micro Channels as Energy Source for Fuel Processors
Micro Structured Reactors for Gas Purification (CO Clean-up)
Integrated Micro Structured Reactor Fuel Processing Concepts
Comparison of Micro Structured Fuel Processor Systems with Conventional Technologies
Fabrication Techniques for Micro Structured Energy Generation Systems
Catalyst Coating Techniques for Micro Structures and Their Application in Fuel Processing
Catalyst Preparation Methodology
Parallel Batch Screening Reactors
Screening Reactors for Steady Continuous Operation
Reactors for Transient/Dynamic Operation
Computational Evaluation Methods
Micro Reactor or Micro Structured Reactor Plant (MRP)
Applicable Principles for MRP Design
Process Conception and Economics
Early Concepts for MRP Design
Fluidic and Electrical Interconnects -- Device-to-Device and Device-to-World
Table-top Laboratory-scale Plants
Hybrid Plants
Mobile Plants
Production Plants
Plant Installations and Supplier-specific Assemblies
Process Management
Process Engineering
New Processes for Cost-efficient Reactor Manufactoring
From reviews to the project proposal:

'Dr. Hessel is regarded as one of the top three international experts in this field.'
(Ronald S. Besser, Louisiana Tech University, USA)

'... There is no book with such a strong engineering focus on the market. All authors the are internationally known for their work ...'
(S.J. Haswell, University of Hull, UK)

'The authors are leading in this field and have an outstanding international reputation.'
(Dr. Handa, BP Chemicals, UK)

'The reputation of the authors is very high, they are leading experts in the area of microtechnology.'
(Dr. Bayer, Siemens Axiva, Frankfurt/M., Germany)

'The authors are recognized and competent experts on the topic of microtechnology.'
(Prof. Hönicke, TU Chemnitz, Germany)

""... provides state-of-the-art information...The authors are highly published and well-respected, and offer a good blend of academic and practical experience.""

""This book certainly offers much information to researchers, production chemists, engineers, and even managers, who wish to use microdevices for their own is 100% complementary to the 2004 also the highly informative content, the detailed analysis of literature data, and the evaluation of existing micro-systems (characteristics that have become a signature from the IMM team) make this book a valuable day-by-day tool."" Angewandte Chemie