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Chemical Process Simplification: Improving Productivity and Sustainability



Chemical Process Simplification: Improving Productivity and Sustainability

Girish K. Malhotra

ISBN: 978-0-470-48754-9 January 2011 282 Pages



While emphasizing conservation and sustainable strategies, this book provides steps to improve the manufacturing technologies used in creating products. By simplifying the chemistry, process development, manufacturing practices and processes, the book provides a structured approach to producing quality products with little waste, making the process not only efficient but environmentally friendly. Illustrated with case studies, this is an essential resource for chemical engineers, chemists, plant engineers, and operating personnel in any chemical related businesses.
Preface xiii 

1 Process Simplification: Basic Guidelines 1 

2 Process Solutions 9 

3 Commonalities of Businesses 53 

4 Laboratory Process Development 77 

5 Mass and Heat Balance 95 

6 Reaction Kinetics 111 

7 Physical Properties 123 

8 Combination of Heat, Mass Balance, and Physical Properties 135 

9 Cross-Fertilization of Technologies 159 

10 Scale-up to Commercialization 171 

Appendix A: Ideas and Observations from the Author 189 

Appendix B: Related Articles by the Author 231 

Index 279