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Chemicals in the Atmosphere: Solubility, Sources and Reactivity



Chemicals in the Atmosphere: Solubility, Sources and Reactivity

Peter Fogg, James Sangster

ISBN: 978-0-471-98651-5 June 2003 472 Pages


* Presents theoretical models for interpreting and predicting solubilities in solutions.
* Evaluates the collection techniques used to obtain solubility data and presents the most appropriate methods.
* Reviewed and commissioned by IUPAC, an internationally renowned society.
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Chapter 1: General Behaviour and Origins of Greenhouse and Significant Trace Gases.

Chapter 2: Presentation of Solubility Data: Units and Applications.

Chapter 3: Thermodynamic Aspects of Henry's Law.

Chapter 4: The Experimental Measurement of Henry's Law Constant.

Chapter 5: Calculation of Henry's Law Constants and Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficients -
An Overview.

Chapter 6: Details of Specific Methods of Predicting the Solubility of Organic Compounds in Water.

Chapter 7: Solubility of Gases in Strong Electrolyte Solutions.

Chapter 8: Details and Measurement of Factors Determining the Uptake of Gases by Water.

Chapter 9: Accommodation Coefficients, Uptake Coefficients and Henry's Law Constants of Gases which React with Water or are Unstable.

Chapter 10: Solid Particulates and Surface Reactions in the Atmosphere.

Chapter 11: Henry's Law Constants for Compounds Stable in Water.

Chapter 12: Henry's Law Constants for Dissolution in Seawater.

Appendix I: A Selection of Sources of Additional Data Currently Available from the Internet.

Appendix II: Dissolution of Carbon Dioxide and of Oxygen and Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes in the Environment.

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