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Chemie-Rekorde: Menschen, Märkte, Moleküle, 2nd Edition

Chemie-Rekorde: Menschen, Märkte, Moleküle, 2nd Edition


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Doesn't everybody like records? This revised and extended edition contains new records, up-to-date information and data.

For the first time biochemical records are presented including topics like 'viagra', viruses, biological environmental protection.

Edited by Prof. Hans-Jurgen Quadbeck-Seeger, past president of the GDCh und until recently member of the board of directors of the BASF-AG.

The team of authors reflects the excellent mixture of topics from science and industry.

The first edition has been a huge success:
'... this is a marvelous book... A focus on records ... is actually a wonderful way to engage the interest of the chemistry student and professional, and of the general public. The book is highly readable; the short format of the entries and the light, entertaining, witty style make for this ... The mix of industrial and academic chemistry is excellent. So the entire community of chemistry and chemical engineering is served.'

Historical landmarks of chemistry are available at one glance in the perpetual calendar

Appendix with all Nobel prize winners in natural sciences included

A rich source of records and anecdotes, that add spice to all lectures and courses on chemistry
Atoms and Molecules
Chemical Industry
Chemical Products
Crop Protection
Environmental Protection
Famous Mistakes
Molecular Shape
Nobel prizes
Nucleic acids
Pigments and Dyes
Plastics and Fibers
Reactive Intermediates
Raw Materials
Appendices: Nobel Price Winners in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine
Ever-lasting Calendar of Chemistry (find out what happened in Chemistry on your birthday...)