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Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery: A Medicinal Chemistry Perspective



Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery: A Medicinal Chemistry Perspective


Chemogenomics brings together the most powerful concepts in modern chemistry and biology, linking combinatorial chemistry with genomics and proteomics.
This first reference devoted to the topic covers all stages of the early drug discovery process, from target selection to compound library and lead design.
With the combined expertise of 20 research groups from academia and leading pharmaceutical companies, this is a must-have for every drug developer and medicinal chemist applying the powerful methods of chemogenomics to speed up the drug discovery process.
Target Family-directed Masterkeys
Drug Discovery from Side Effects
Chemical Genetics in Drug Discovery
Structural Aspects of Binding Site Similarity
Knowledge-based Discovery of Biological Targets
Chemical Kinomics
Kinase Inhibitors
Ion Channel Modulators
Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors
Compound Library and Template Design for GPCRs
Computational Filters in Lead Generation
Ligand-based Design of Focused Libraries
Natural Product-derived Combinatorial Libraries
Combinatorial Chemistry in the Chemical Genomics Age
"In summary, this book provides up-to-date insights into the world of chemogenomics. Most chapters are of excellent quality, providing numerous and diverse contributions from industrial practice. "Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery" offers a practical definition of chemogenomics in order to foster a clear understanding of this genome-wide drug-discovery approach. The book is valuable for graduate students anf for academic and industrial researchers who want to learn about modern drug-discovery approaches."
CHEMBIOCHEM - A European Journal of Chemical Biology

"The contributions in >Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery< are of very high quality and are clearly presented ... All chapters have a high scientific value, and collectively they contribute a great deal to the understanding of how chemogenomics and scaled-up medicinal chemistry can support the early stages of drug discovery. Therefore, this work is highly relevant for everyone with an intereste in modern drug development, and especially for readers in the pharmaceutical industry."
Ulf Börjesson, Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Marburg, Angewandte Chemie, IE, 3rd May Issue 2005-44/19+ Angewandte Chemie, 3. Maiheft 2005-117/19

"... readers hoping to learn about specific aspects will be rewarded with superb writing, good discussions, and excellent examples from current literature."
Steven M. Firestine, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mylan School of Pharmacy, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,
Vol. 48, No. 11/2005

"This hallmark text marks a breakthrough in the field...vital to the researcher."
Electric Review, April/May 2005