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Chemometrics: A Practical Guide

Chemometrics: A Practical Guide

Kenneth R. Beebe, Randy J. Pell, Mary Beth Seasholtz

ISBN: 978-0-471-12451-1

Mar 1998

360 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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An outstanding practical guide to the most common chemometric methods in use today

Chemometrics explains how to apply the most widely used pattern recognition and multivariate calibration techniques to solve data analysis problems. This practical guide describes all key methods in terms of processes and applications in order to help the reader easily identify the best technique for a given situation.

Drawing on years of industrial experience with chemometric tools, the authors share their six basic steps, or "habits," for achieving reliable chemometric results, and cover key areas such as:
* Defining and understanding the problem
* Experimental planning and design
* Preprocessing of samples and variables
* Supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition
* Classical and inverse methods of multivariate calibration

Complete with helpful chapter-end summaries, technical references, and more, this book is an invaluable hands-on resource for analytical chemists and laboratory scientists who use chemometrics in their work.
The Six Habits of an Effective Chemometrician.

Defining the Problem.


Pattern Recognition.

Multivariate Calibration and Prediction.


"...probably the best introductory text that I have read on the subject...I would recommend this book for an introductory course...whithout the slightest hesitation." (Microchemical Journal, Vol. 69, 2001)