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Chemometrics: Statistics and Computer Application in Analytical Chemistry

Chemometrics: Statistics and Computer Application in Analytical Chemistry

Matthias Otto

ISBN: 978-3-527-28895-3

Mar 1999

350 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Chemometrics - easy to understand!
Chemometrics are becoming more and more important for the evaluation of analytical data. Work in a modern lab is almost unthinkable without the use of statistical methods and computer-based data analysis. This new textbook is especially suited to give you a comprehensive overview of all areas of chemometrics.
Based on the most important fundamentals of statistics, the author provides a modern approach to signal processing, planning and optimizing experiments, pattern recognition and classification as well as modeling simple and nonlinear relationships. Analytical databases are covered as well as applications of artificial intelligence, fuzzy theory, neuronal networks, or genetic algorithms. Numerous worked examples and helpful comments in the margin make reading and understanding easy.
Students of chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, or ecology will find everything they need to know about chemometrics. Also scientists in industry and research will find this book a useful introduction.
Matthias Otto has offered courses on chemometrices for many years and has held lectures at leading universities.
1 What is Chemometrics
2 Basic Statistics
3 Signal Processing and Time Series Analysis
4 Experimental Design and Optimization
5 Pattern Recognition
6 Modelling
7 Analytical Data Bases
8 Knowledge Processing and Soft-Computing
9 Quality Assurance and Good Laboratory Practice