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Chemometrics in Environmental Analysis

Chemometrics in Environmental Analysis

Jürgen W. Einax, Heinz W. Zwanziger, Sabine Geiß

ISBN: 978-3-527-60216-2

Jul 2004

424 pages

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Make the most of your data!
This new title will serve both as an introduction and as a practical guide to those techniques of chemometrics which are applicable to environmental analysis. By describing the optimum methods of data analysis it will help all chemists in this field to save time and money.
Because the authors demonstrate the most important chemometric methods with the aid of numerous examples, the reader will learn to solve a given problem by use of the appropriate method. Applications range from sampling, through laboratory analysis, to evaluation. Interpretation of the findings is explained clearly. The text covers not only basic methods such as univariate statistics, regression analysis, and static test planning, but also multivariate data analysis, for example, cluster analysis, principal components analysis, and factor and discriminant analysis. Case studies show the enormous possibilities, and the limits, of chemometric methods.
The book will help all environmental analytical chemists, even those with only a basic knowledge of mathematics, to optimize the evaluation and interpretation of the results of their measurements.
Measurements and Basic Statistics
Remarks on Experimental Design and Optimization
Sampling and Sampling Design
Multivariate Data Analysis
Basic Methods of Time Series Analysis
Related Topics
Die Monographie kann somit jedem Analytiker, der sich mit der Chemometrie und deren Anwendung in der Umweltanalytik anfreunden möchte, und dabei nicht auf eine rein mathematische Darstellung der Methoden zurückgreifen will, sehr empfohlen werden.
Angewandte Chemie

"Chemometrics in Environmental Analysis" ist ein sehr empfehlenswertes Lehrbuch für den Umweltanalytiker und bedenkenswert trotz der zunehmenden Alternativen für all jene, die sich in die Grundlagen der chemometrischen Auswertung von Meßergebnissen einarbeiten wollen.
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